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Is going to the doctor a struggle for your little one?  Have you had your toddler’s first dentist checkup?  What if there was a way to make those visits easier for your child?  That is exactly what social stories do!  Now imagine having a high quality, board book to read to them and not have to worry about tearing?  That is exactly what the Real MVPkids Celebrate! Series books are!

I am so excited to let you guys know about my new partnership with Real MVPkids books.  You may remember my review post a few months ago, where I let you know this was an ongoing series.  Well,  I am happy to let you know that the next set of books is available and a new set on its way!

Real MVP kids books are social stories that help inspire a character in children.  The current series available for sale is the Celebrate! Book Series for Preschoolers.   These books have been a real help with our little man.  Little man is two and has autism, so social stories are a huge part of his routine.  They make things predictable for him which helps relieve everyone’s anxiety!

Here are the three newest Real MVPkids books series that we have been reading:

Going to the Dentist toddlerCelebrate! Going to the Dentist

Join our MVP Kids in Celebrate! Going to the Dentist™ as they go through the routine of a dentist visit. From start to finish, we will learn about what goes on during a dentist visit in hopes of calming nerves and relieving fears of going to get our teeth cleaned!

Going to The Doctor toddlerCelebrate! Going to the Doctor

Join our MVP Kids in Celebrate! Going to the Doctor. Beginning with role-playing, we learn that doctors track our growth, help us feel better when we’re sick and manage long-term special needs. From the waiting room, well-checks, to the sick visits and specialists, our MVP Kids help set up realistic expectations and ease anxiety about visiting the doctor’s office.

Celebrate Mommies and Daddies toddlersCelebrate! Mommies and Daddies

Join our MVP Kids™ and their families as mommies and daddies offer loving support throughout the day. Whether heading to daycare, falling off a bike, adding a new sibling or settling into bed, our MVP Kids help teach that we can remain secure in our parents’ love. Single moms, dads and two-parent families alike will enjoy the sweet expressions of “I love you” in each of the MVP Kids™ heritage languages.

The Mom Kind Reader’s Special Offer:

To get your own copies, head over to Real MVPkids Make sure you use coupon code MOMKIND when checking out. This coupon will take one dollar off per book, making each book only $6.95. If two or more books are ordered, then shipping is free!

The Help me Understand series is coming very soon too! This series is for early elementary-aged children that use the story to help them understand issues like anger, worry, and helpfulness.

real mvpkids books books that inspire character in children
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  1. Thanks for sharing these books with us! I never heard of this collection and I am seriously going to look into it. Always looking for educational books with my toddler!

  2. Those are so cool! I don’t have issues with my kids going to the doctor or dentist but I’ll be sure to share this to my mom friends!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  3. These sound like some great books!

  4. Those sound fantastic. I definitely find that books help my niece and nephew better understand emotions, manners and social situations.

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