This winter is going to be tough for families all over the world. The perfect storm of surging energy costs, inflation, rising interest rates, and stagnant wages means that the average household income is being squeezed on multiple sides.

Consequently, more families will be plunged into the poverty bracket, where choices will have to be made between heating and eating, and stress and anxiety levels in already high-pressure environments will contribute to an increase in potentially abusive situations. As ever, it is the children that end up suffering the most.


If your household is set up to weather the storm, then now is the time to open your hearts and minds and come together to fight the consequences of the economic crisis on both a local and even global level.

What can I do locally to help alleviate the effects of poverty?

Food security is one of the most anxiety-inducing aspects of poverty for families worldwide. The increase in food banks is always a grassroots indicator of how deeply this crisis is biting. When reports of food banks turning people away due to lack of food start to hit the headlines, you know things are terrible.

As much as you can, please donate to your local food bank. Even if it is just a couple of tins a week – every single item counts towards feeling another child. 

Get involved with local charities.

Depending on where you live, many local organizations will support those affected by poverty, homelessness, vulnerable children, and disabilities. During economic crises, funding these types of organizations get is often top of the list when cutting grants and funding.

Increase your involvement in these organizations – the more people involved, the wider their reach. You will be able to bring energy, skills, and ideas to help them ride out the storm as best they can. 

Have a good clear out

If you have cupboards, lofts, a basement full of old blankets, bedding, kitchenware, books, toys, games, or anything that is in a decent state but you never use anymore, then pack it up and give it away to those in need. That old blanket sitting in the bottom of your airing cupboard could be the difference between life and death for someone homeless and living on the streets. 

Create employment

Suppose you are fortunate enough to be in a comfortable and secure position. In that case, you can give back to the community in a productive way by creating opportunities for people to earn some money, even if it is just on a project-by-project basis. You’ll not only help someone by giving them the means to put food on the table, but you’ll also help them to feel more empowered and increase their self-esteem.

As well as donating your time and money locally, there are also simple things you can do on a global level. While the cost of living bites a household, that household has less disposable income for the broad economy, which soon affects those communities in developing countries through job losses and a reduction in donations to global food programs.


Even a small regular donation will help to fight poverty on a global scale, helping families put food on their tables, develop projects for greater self-sufficiency, and provide educational opportunities for children to support their drive to break the cycle of poverty in their communities.

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