Moving can be a terrific way to declutter and shed items and clothing that no longer serve your family. If you know the footprint of the home you’re moving into, you can also pack with an eye toward the new location. For example, if your new home will have a designated crafting space, you can also set up your child’s art table and easel in that room.

Moving with Young Children

By packing with an eye on what will go where in your new home, you can simplify the packing process and make moving with young children easier.

Declutter First

Packing with children means you can’t do it for a long time. In a way, this is a blessing. Decluttering and downsizing before you pack is critical to an efficient move, and making these choices as you pack will take a great deal of brain space for the best decision-making power. If possible, pack early in the day and for no more than two hours at a time.

Enter each space with a

  • large black trash bag
  • large white trash bag
  • box or plastic bin

Place the things you want to take to your new home in the box or plastic bin. In the white trash bag, place things you can donate for use by someone else. Place too worn items in the black trash bag to be used again for discard.

You may be planning to sell things in a moving sale. In this case, skip the donation bag or transfer the donation bag to your moving sale table for laying out and folding. Make your choices quickly, and don’t overthink things.

Utilizing a Storage Unit

Beyond this, if you are moving from your current home into a fixer-upper – a house that is currently small but you are extending – or a plot upon which you are building your new home, it might be worth putting some of your bigger items into a unit located in Ohio, or wherever it is that you are relocating to.

Keeping your things in a dedicated storage unit frees up necessary space in your new home and keeps your items safe until you are ready to use them again. You can put anything from Holiday decorations to oversized furniture into storage, so it can be worth exploring your options, particularly if your new property needs to undergo minor or major renovation before it becomes your dream home.

Rely on Friends

Get their number. Get their number. Get their number. Get their number. Get their number. Get their number; when people say, “Let me know if I can help!” get their number. Arrange two-hour blocks of time for volunteers to join you during the day. If they’re close friends and your children love them, let them entertain your children while you declutter and downsize. If that’s not in a friend’s skillset, ask the friend to be a runner for your move.

By packing with an eye on what will go where in your new home, you can simplify the packing process and make moving with young children easier.

When you put out the call for free boxes, a runner could be the person collecting them. Your runner could also be the person who

  • takes donations to Goodwill
  • drops off gently used items at a local consignment store
  • runs and picks up snacks or lunch for the crew

As you get closer to the actual moving date, look for friends who could keep your toddler happy on a Saturday morning so you can manage the biggest chunks of your move, such as supervising the truck loading and packing up the suitcases.

Focus on Fun

If your child is a toddler with their favorite local fun spaces, get a map of your intended location to show them the fun spots near your new home. This can include indoor and outdoor play areas, movie theaters, and theme parks. When you get to your new location, try to work fun activities into each day to make the stress of leaving behind friends and daycare teachers a little easier.

Avoid Long Stretches on the Road

Unless you plan an extended family vacation in the car, consider a car shipping service in Ohio and other major US states. Some people prefer this option because it allows your family to travel to your new hometown by plane. This may mean spending a few days in a rental vacation home in your new city while waiting for the truck. It can also save much road stress, primarily if you work on potty training with a toddler. You may find this option convenient if your family owns multiple vehicles.

Use Luggage to Best Effect

Use a stroller to corral children in an airport. Pack one sizeable rolling suitcase with a change of clothes or two for everyone and toiletries and pajamas. Ensure you have an essentials bag for your toddler, with extra diapers, wipes, clothing, and attention-grabbing toys for the flight or car trip.

Finally, pack another large suitcase with bedding, towels, and pillows if you can manage it. Make sure this is the last thing on the truck and the first item in the house so you can make the beds as soon as they’re set up. The ability to take a shower and sleep comfortably in your new home will leave you refreshed and ready to unpack.

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