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Pediatric Incontinence is an issue many families deal with daily. While many children will be potty trained by around age three, those with medical diagnosis such as Autism are more prone to incontinence. Whether your child has recently developed incontinence or has never been able to use the toilet on their own, chances are you will need to use incontinence products.

What is Pediatric Incontinence?

Pediatric Incontinence is the condition of when a child cannot control their bladder or bowel movements. This also includes children who are unable to communicate their need to use the bathroom.

The cause and severity can differ greatly from one child to the next. Some children struggle with urge incontinences. Others are unable to pick up on the body’s signals that they need the restroom until it is too late.

For many autistic children, the struggle comes from not being able to deviate their attention quickly from one thing to another. For example, if watching a tv show or playing a video game, they might not realize they need to use the restroom until after an accident has happened.

Pediatric Incontinence: If your child struggles from pediatric incontinence due to another disorder, you are not alone.   If your child has a medical diagnosis, including those with autism, Medicaid may cover the cost of diapers.  Find out how to get this need covered today!

There are many children though that struggle with functional incontinence.  The child is able to tell when they need to go to the restroom but is unable to because of physical or mental disabilities.

Finally, there are children that struggle with nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting). Though a child is able to go to the bathroom throughout the day, they are unable to stay dry throughout the night. Many children will sleep through the urge to urinate.

While many of these children will eventually learn to remain continent, others may never be able to remain continent. In either situation, a diaper is typically used to help with this condition.

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Does Medicaid cover Diapers for Autism?

Yes, Medicaid covers diapers for children with autism and other diagnoses. If your child has a medical diagnosis, including those with autism, Medicaid may cover the cost of diapers. This applies to patients with either primary or secondary coverage under Medicaid.

How do I get Medicaid to cover Diapers?

While Medicaid is a huge blessing to many families, it does have its downsides. There are a ton of great benefits provided by Medicaid but are not advertised. Diapers for incontinence associated with other diagnosis are one of those benefits.

If you ever called Medicaid, you already know that the wait time can easily exceed an hour. This alone can be a huge struggle for parents who time is already limited.

Aeroflow Urology will help take all the stress away from getting the incontinence products your child needs. After you contact them with your child’s diagnosis, they will work to get the prescription and the diapers for your child. They even ship your child’s incontinence products directly to your door, at no cost to you!

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How do I get the right size Diaper for my Autistic Child?

One of the biggest concern’s we hear about ordering diapers is how to order the right size. When you contact Aeroflow, they will set you up with a case manager to make sure you have the right sizes. They will check in with you monthly to make sure the fit is correct and will help you move up (or down) sizes as needed.

To find out if Medicaid will cover your child’s incontinence products at no cost, head over to Aeroflow Urology today.

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