Speech and language are learned very early in a child’s life. Interactions with parents, siblings, and other community members help children learn the proper way to communicate with others. However, for children with autism, this is not the case.   They often struggle with making those connections through actions such as words, eye contact, or pointing. As a result, it can be tough to learn which words they need to use. Artificial intelligence is helping those with autism learn a whole new way with advancements in technology!

Artificial Intelligence (Ai) for Autism

For those diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, social skills can be one of the most affected areas of their lives. For many, looking someone in the eye can be painful. Children learn by imitating their parents in those early days and years. When a child does not watch their parent, they miss out on tremendous social skills such as understanding the emotions of others. Future learning of these skills is also impaired, requiring interventions such as the help of a speech and language pathologist.

Two such SLPs, Lois Brady and Matthew Guggemos, have seen many patients with autism over the years and saw an opportunity to make a real change. As a Microsoft AI for Accessibility grant winner, their app InnerVoice features Azure artificial intelligence technology. With this technology, the InnerVoice app will help all types of individuals to become successful communicators.

InnerVoice App for Autism

Have you ever noticed how hyper-focused children of all abilities get with video games and other apps? So much so that it can be annoying when you try to catch their attention and they are still looking at the screen. While we have all been there and have learned you should look with your eyes during the conversation, autistic children struggle significantly with this. 

For children with autism, often they can either look or listen but not both. With apps, however, it is much easier to do both. There is zero pressure from the screen, and a child can learn social cues they would otherwise miss.

InnerVoice uses artificial intelligence to create an avatar that can teach your child with autism to communicate and interact with them. There are a ton of great features that work great to help children learn those social communication skills

InnerVoice App Demo

Some of the tremendous Inner Voice App Features:

  • Text to Speech: The child clicks on a word or image for the aviator to read. The child can see how to move their mouth by seeing the word spoken. They also can see facial features such as emotions that go along with those words.
  • Custom Aviators: Take a picture of their favorite animal, pet, or family member to become a relatable aviator to interact with.
  • Social Stories: There are several social stories built in that your aviator can read. Additionally, you can create your own social stories for your child to interact with and learn as situations arise.
  • Chat Box: Conversational turn-taking and continuing conversations are difficult for autistic children. With the InnerVoice chat box, the aviator comes to life to have a complete conversation with your child.

In no time at all, they can learn words that are motivating and important to them — helping them build a vocabulary that is meaningful, motivating, and personal. To get InnerVoice for your child (available for iPhones & iPads), head to InnerVoiceApp.com today!

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