Being a hands-on, full-time mom doesn’t give you an excuse to stop loving yourself and looking good as always. It’s an opportunity to experiment with different looks that can make you even more appealing and attractive. One unique fashion style is to go for timeless and vintage outfits.  

Building A Vintage Outfit On A Budget: A Fashionable Mom’s Guide 

The early-age classics come with different designs, colors, and fabrics for clothes that look as elegant as ever, even when worn in these modern times. This style is incorporated with nostalgia, allowing you to turn heads and earn approval from men and women who appreciate and commend your fashion sense. All you need to do is to shop wisely and check out stores such as The Bee & The Fox or other vintage-inspired clothing boutiques near you.  

In this guide, you can complete vintage outfits without breaking the bank. Discover How You Can Build A Vintage Outfit On A Budget

In this guide, you can complete vintage outfits without breaking the bank. Discover How You Can Build A Vintage Outfit On A Budget

Play With Colors  

One prominent component in the past for fashion and styles is the play of colors. Depending on what decade you prefer to impersonate, playing with colors allows you to achieve that vintage look inspiration you’re going for. Combined colors create a sense of familiarity, and the past reeks in immediately. For instance, during the 80s, bright neon colors were super in. Both men and women vibrantly sported bright pinks, oranges, greens, and yellows in those times. You can do the same and look vintage but bold when you play with these colors. 

The concept is to combine at least two bright and playful colors to stand out more. This color combination can be pulled off in many of your clothing pieces from boutiques in Hattiesburg, like dresses, shirts, shorts, and so on. The idea is to tame the bright colors with solid tones to give you a well-coordinated look. These tips still apply if you’re thinking of creating a capsule wardrobe.   

Invest In Antique Dresses  

If you’re careful about not overspending on your clothes, one great place to find vintage clothes is in preloved shops. Investing in antique dresses will allow you to achieve that classic look without spending more than $100. This is all a matter of patiently browsing or going through antique and preloved stores, and chances are you’ll find vintage clothes that fit you. 

If you want a vintage look, dresses are your best option since they’re the most elegant and most accessible to style. They can be worn for different occasions and have various styles and cut designs. Since you want to achieve that vintage look, go for knee-length or maxi floor dresses, as these are more in style during the earlier medieval times.  

Aside from the design and length, you can also play with the different neckline designs. Some antique dresses can come in square necklines, sweetheart, or halter-neck cuts. The key here is to choose something that can flatter your body even more.  

Wear High-Waisted Denim Jeans  

Moms love wearing jeans, which are undeniably a must for anyone’s wardrobe. They’re comfortable and casual and can easily be styled no matter the occasion. In this tip, you’ll need to find vintage mom jeans. Wear high-waisted denim jeans that allow your leg to go on for days.  

There are many ways to rock this bottom. One is to incorporate belts to emphasize your slender waist. Make your vintage outfit stand out by wearing a dark belt. You’ll be surprised at how it complements your mom’s jeans perfectly. Finally, pair it with any T-shirt or blouse you’d like, and you’ve recreated a casual but stylish outfit for the day. A bonus tip is to fold the edges of your high-waisted jeans to emphasize your shoes or sandals even more. 

In this guide, you can complete vintage outfits without breaking the bank. Discover How You Can Build A Vintage Outfit On A Budget

Own Some Knee-Length Skirts  

Another famous style that was worn by classic beauties such as Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn is knee-length skirts. These puffed skirts were in vogue in the past, and they exude that timeless beauty that reminds you of how elegant it can make a woman look. In this present era, you can always wear knee-length skirts. The secret is to find a beautiful blouse to pair it with. 

You could still wear those skirts now if you liked them in the past. On special occasions, you can choose a lace blouse or a cropped cardigan to pair with a knee-length skirt. The best outcome can be achieved when you tuck the top inside the shirt. This gives a thinner body illusion and makes you appear taller.  

Invest In Timeless Boots  

When you think of your footwear, find something vintage-inspired, like boots. Instantly, they’re the footwear that has stood the test of time. They’re elegant, classic, and timeless. While the trivial details and features have changed over the years, there’s no doubt that boots are a mainstay in fashion. 

Whether following a 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s fashion theme, a good pair of classic boots will make you achieve any vintage-inspired outfit. They look great wearing pants, shorts, dresses, or anything. 


Vintage-inspired clothes are fun to pull off if you know where to find reasonably-priced items. With the tips above and some of your creative ideas, you’ll be able to look timeless, elegant, and classic. As a mom, always looking good and feeling good with whatever you wear is essential. 

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