Tablets are can be absolutely amazing when used correctly.  Take for example the one my two-year old, autistic son uses.   When we go out to school events or busy stores, it helps to distract him while I run errands.  Since there are so many things that can set him off, this has been a huge help to do things when it’s just the two of us.

The downside to this, the same show on repeat.  There is so many times I can hear “Mommy finger, mommy finger, where are you?” before losing my mind!  He does have noise canceling headphones he will wear at times, but regular headphones just do not fit him well.  This causes him to immediately throw them across the room because he doesn’t like how they feel.  So until recent, I have just learned to deal with the extra distraction to myself.  Let’s face it, “mommy finger, where are you?” is still better than a meltdown in the middle of a busy store!


However, that has recently changed for the better! In comes Cozyphones!  These high quality headphones are encased in a fleece headband that fits smoothly over his head.  The speakers are movable, so you can adjust them directly over his ears for the most comfort.  The cute design helped me to convince my son to at least try them on!  As a parent, I love them!

So, what does my two-year old, autistic son think of Cozyphones?  He has gone through a lot of speech therapy, but we are still working on expressive language.  By his response to them, I can give you most of his opinion.  He does seem to like the fit.  The longest time he’s kept them on is thirty minutes (that is HUGE for him!).  He will occasionally rip it off his head.  Sometimes to take it off, others to look at the “frog” on his head.  Either way, it has held up strong to him with no tears to date.

Are There Any Cons?

The one thing he does not like is the length of the cord.  He is tall for his age, but he is still a little guy.  Cozyphones come with a 36 inch braided cord is great for distance, but I wish there was a shorter option. What we have done for now is wrapped up the extra length back into the headphones.  This isn’t a permanent option (as he will tug on the cord), but it helps.


Overall, both my son and I approve of Cozyphones.  I will be purchasing at least three more pairs.  All three of my daughters all LOVED the concept and want a pair of their own.  This is definitely a great product!

CozyPhones can be purchased through

Cozy Phones on Amazon
Not only do they sell kid’s headphones, they have several options for adults as well.  There are sports versions as well as a fleece version that is just awesome as the kid’s version!  So head on over and check them out for yourself!

-Alicia @ TheMomKind

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  1. Great post! It’s so cute! I’m glad that it’s working for you and that your son is okay with it for the most part! 🙂

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