At our agency, we help every person to achieve their goal. Our team is ready to provide you with any assistance you might need. This way, it’s possible to go through this complicated process without stress or fear. We will assist you in answering your questions and providing professional guidance in a surrogacy agency in Georgia.

Georgia is home to well-established rules and regulations for surrogacy. A parentage law exists within the country, outlining the procedures for both traditional and gestational surrogacy (when the surrogate uses her eggs). Legalized in the 1990s, Georgia has fostered a positive environment for couples who want to start a family but can’t do so naturally.

Best Surrogacy Agency: Learn More About Surrogacy Georgia

The most important thing is to find a good agency and clinic that provides the best services. This article aims to provide some valuable tips for prospective parents who want to start their journey in Georgia.

If you’re ready to create the family of your dreams and looking for an excellent surrogacy program and destination to fulfill your wish, World Center of Baby Agency is a top choice. The surrogacy procedure is straightforward to understand with its established Georgia laws. 

Is It More Expensive or Affordable?

Georgia is considered one of the world’s most affordable places for surrogacy. There are no additional or hidden costs; all surrogacy programs include all fees from the beginning to the end of the intended parents’ surrogacy journey.

The cost of surrogacy in Georgia depends on several factors. These include the clinic or agency you choose. The World Center of Baby provides every service needed for a successful surrogacy journey, from IVF treatment to egg retrieval, embryo transfer to surrogate mothers, and their legal expenses. Surrogacy cost in Georgia is some of the most affordable in the world.

Gay Surrogacy – Is It Legal?

Surrogacy laws in Georgia only allow heterosexual and married couples to use their surrogacy program. Gay surrogacy in Georgia is currently not legal, unfortunately. World Center of Baby makes surrogacy also available to couples in the LGBT community through its overseas programs in Colombia and Mexico. Having surrogacy as an option for LGBT couples opens up more opportunities for them to experience parenthood.

Selection and Compensation

Georgia is a gestational surrogacy country. This means that the surrogate mother handles the pregnancy and birth of a child, while the genetic mother provides another egg or embryo to be used in the process. The surrogate mother is paid for her time and trouble but has no legal claim to the baby once it is born.

Best Surrogacy Agency

Becoming a surrogate mother in Georgia involves meeting specific qualifications required by Georgia surrogacy laws. We have put our process together to create a situation where both parties can feel comfortable, knowing they are in good hands throughout the process.

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