How to Find a Surrogate and What Steps You Have to Take

Being a parent doesn’t just come from giving birth. Whether you give birth or choose adoption or surrogacy, this will be the most rewarding part of your life. Surrogacy is a fantastic option for those who cannot have children independently. Keep reading to find out how to find a surrogate mother and what steps you have to take.

This can be a beautiful and challenging experience for those looking to have a baby. Whether you are in a same-sex partnership, without a partner, or in a relationship where you’re unable to have children naturally, surrogacy can make having a family a reality.

As you can imagine, however, finding a surrogate can be a complicated process. From choosing the right person to negotiating a contract, such as Juliana Gaita, the managing partner of Florida Adoption lawyers, to a healthy surrogate, this guide will go over everything you need to know about how to find a surrogate.

Navigating How to Find a Surrogate

Getting started looking for a surrogate mother can be an overwhelming process. To begin with, there are a lot of common surrogacy myths regarding the cost, the judgment from others, and whether or not you can still feel bonded with your child.

Debunking these myths and educating yourself are the first steps you should take.

You’ll be surprised at how open your loved ones may be and how working with the right people may be able to make surrogacy affordable.

Set Qualifications

A surrogate mother is someone who will carry a baby for an individual or a couple. This person will carry the baby and deliver the baby on their behalf.

You’ll want to set some qualifications when you’re considering how to find a surrogate mother. From who you want to be your surrogate to health qualifications, genetics, and even the distance you live, all can make a difference.

This person will have one of the most important jobs for you in the world. Start thinking about some things that matter to you. Consider speaking with a professional about what medical and health qualifications should also be.

Have a Contract

As you may have figured, surrogacy can be complicated. You will likely want a legal contract to set up some parameters for you and the surrogate before you begin the process.

A contract can help protect you both from any number of things. A contract will also help ease your mind and set some guidelines for pregnancy and delivery.

If you’re working with an agency, they can work with you on facilitating and implementing this. If you are personally working with your surrogate directly, a lawyer can help you draw up this contract and will have templates to start from.

Work With an Agency or Someone You Trust

Trust is the most crucial consideration when looking to find a surrogate mother. Whether you’re working with an agency or someone you know personally, your surrogate carries the most precious person in the world to you. Trust is of the utmost importance.

Find a Surrogate That’s Right for You

Knowing how to find a surrogate can be confusing. Having qualifications, learning about common myths, and the process involved will help ease your nerves.

Working with a medical professional will also help ensure your surrogate and baby are in the best care possible. They can also help answer any questions and are with you every step.

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