Autism on the Go: Making Travel Easier and Fun! City Catt is making travel and vacations for families with autistic childrenFamily vacations make memories that last a lifetime.  Going to see big shows, theme parks, and new restaurants are so fun for so many!  But when you have autism, travel is not easy. Everything is unpredictable, new, and can be quite scary! The great folks over at City Catt have teamed up with IBCCES and making travel easier for autistic children

From personal experience, I can tell you travel can be a nightmare with autistic children!  We have learned to accommodate pretty well, but hiccups are bound to happen. When you’ve never been to a place before, it’s pretty hard to prepare your child for it.  


Autism on the Go: Making Travel Easier and Fun!



Family vacations should be accessible to all.  Now with the help of City Catt’s Autism on The Go program, it is! They are making travel easier for autistic children!


What is Autism on The Go with City Catt?

Your Autism Certified Catt (think expert travel guide with a ton of extra knowledge & care!) will help you find the best autism-friendly places to visit your family.  They can even guide you through attractions to make sure you have the best experience possible! Autism on the go is making travel easier for autistic children.


“One thing I’ve learned all these years is to research and prepare myself ahead for all activities and trips. I strongly believe that City Catt will help many families looking for the same things, by giving us access to qualified people who know everything about the cities we’ve been dreaming to explore,” says Viviane Gouvea, whose oldest son has autism and 7q11.23 duplication diagnosis.


How do Autism on the Go work?

  •  Access our platform: from any browser, or by downloading our App in the App Store.
  •  Sign up: and you let us know that you need Autism Certified Catts.
  •  Build a trip: in our platform, and we’ll match you with available Autism Certified Catts in your destination
  •  Hire a Catt: you can either hire a Catt for 24hr of Chat, where they’ll help you answer all your questions and craft the perfect itinerary for your family, or have them meet you and person and guide you through attractions. Learn more here.


Autism on the Go

If travel has seemed out of reach for you, then I highly recommend that you check out Autism on the Go.  Time to make those family vacation memories you deserve!


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Alicia Trautwein is an autism parenting coach living in Missouri. She is the creator behind The Mom Kind, a website dedicated to parenting neurodiverse families.  She is one of the head creators behind the #WeLoeveMoms campaign and is also featured in the "Amazing Moms" coffee table book by Hogan Hilling & Dr. Elise Ho.  She shares her expertise along with her experience in parenting children, both with and without autism.

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