Your baby’s immune system is still evolving, so its skin is sensitive and prone to diseases. They can easily get infected by various diseases and infections. 

You must ensure extra care to keep your baby healthy and disease-free. Their clothes are exposed to different types of harmful bacteria and germs. 

Just washing the clothes is not enough to clean these clothes from bacteria.

9 Basic Tips on How to Wash Your Baby Clothes Rightly

You must follow some precautions when washing your baby’s garments. 

For instance – contact a pediatrician to know which detergent is best for your infant, how often you need to do laundry, how to dry it, and so on.

Thankfully, nine basic steps help you wash your child’s clothes by limiting exposure to unnecessary bacteria, chemicals, and germs.

A new parent may have questions about the best cleaning methods for baby clothes No worries Keep reading for some handy tips on How to Wash Your Baby Clothes Rightly

Read the Washing Instructions on the Label

Before doing laundry of your baby’s clothes, it’s always better to check the washing instructions mentioned on the label.

These instructions will help you better understand the garments’ materials and how they must be washed. Additionally, it highlights if there is anything that you need to avoid. 

At times, the garment of your baby may include a fire-resistant material. You need to be careful while washing them.  Again some materials, such as velvet or suede, differ from regular cotton. So, it’s essential to know the different cleaning methods for different materials.

Wash Your Hands

You need to sanitize your hands thoroughly before washing your baby’s clothing. It ensures that there are no germs or bacteria in your hands. Plus, make sure to check the water temperature. If the water is very hot, it will cause the garments to tear or rip. 

Wash Clothes before the First Wear

It’s essential to wash your baby’s clothes before their first wear because new clothes can pick chemical residue, extra dye, and bacteria from almost everywhere on their way home.

Your garments come in contact with numerous bacteria from the store, production lines, to other external sources before purchase.

So, washing the clothes before their first use can protect your infant from any possible reaction.

Avoid Dye or Fragrance Detergent

Be wary about what kind of detergent is perfect for your baby. Use a mild detergent free from dye or fragrances to ensure your child’s well-being. 

Because regular detergent contains fragrances, dyes, or chemicals that can cause skin irritation or allergies to your baby’s sensitive skin, it’s better to contact a child specialist to know the suitable detergent for your baby. 

You can also pick a non-chemical laundry soap that is suitable for children. Even you can make your detergent at home. 

A new parent may have questions about the best cleaning methods for baby clothes No worries Keep reading for some handy tips on How to Wash Your Baby Clothes Rightly

Pretreat Potential Stains before Washing

To disinfect your baby’s clothes, first, you must identify the potential stains and pre-clean them. Most of the stains are protein-based, like breast milk, meat, etc., and several liquids come up from the children.

To remove poop stains, soak the clothes in warm water and mix a few drops of lemon juice. Then use the water to wash these clothes. If any stain remains, scrub it with an old toothbrush and wash it away.

Mix baking soda with warm water to remove other stains and soak the clothes. If needed, scrub with a brush to remove the stain.

Prepare a solution of 50% water and 50% vinegar for an inevitable stain to soak the clothes.  Make sure to use a disinfected baby detergent after you pretreat the potential stains.

If you use bleach to sanitize your baby’s clothes, it can leave behind bleach stains. But don’t worry, as bleach stains can be removed from the clothes if you follow the right instructions. 

Wash Baby Clothes Separately 

Washing your baby’s clothes separately limits the transfer of bacteria from other family members’ clothes to the baby’s clothes. 

Wash after Every Wear 

It is essential to wash baby clothes after every wear. Because baby garments easily pick up dirt, dust, and other irritants.

Moreover, human hands are full of germs and bacteria. When you touch your baby’s clothes, it naturally transfers bacteria.  So, to ensure their safety and well-being, washing their clothes after every wear is mandatory. 

Soak before and/or after Washing

If the material of the garments allows them to pre-soak in water, go for it. Because pre-soak in hot water kills germs and bacteria, soak the clothes in water for 30 minutes for best results. Also, soak in warm water after washing. It ensures to kill the detergent and other allergenic bacteria in it. 

Dry in the Sun

Dry baby garments in the sun heat. Because sunlight is naturally disinfected, ensure that you dry the clothes in the natural sunlight to get disinfected from bacteria. 

If not possible, at least dry the clothes in a sterile, clean room that contains heat. Remember, if you put damp clothes on your baby, it may catch fungal infections. So, it’s extremely important to dry their clothes completely. 

How to Wash Your Baby Clothes Rightly: Final Words

Baby clothes are baby care essentials, and to protect your child’s delicate skin, taking special care while you do laundry is very important.

Don’t forget that chemicals or dyes have a drastic reaction that may cause scabs, cuts, scars, rashes, etc. So use special baby detergent, soap, or handmade detergent for your young one. 

Another concerning fact is that the chemicals in your clothes can easily shift to your baby as their mouth gets easy access. So, be extra careful to ensure that germs or bacteria can never reach your baby.

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