Looking for ways to upcycle your old wine bottles and mason jars? Check out these 7 DIY Ideas to Recycle Old Glass Bottles and Jars

Did you know that you can easily reuse old glass bottles and jars that pile up in your home? Instead of throwing them all to landfills, you can transform them into amazing do-it-yourself projects.

7 DIY Ideas to Recycle Old Glass Bottles and Jars

Although some may find recycling hard and complicated, we’re here to make it easy and straightforward. Here is a list of 7 DIY ideas to get you started.

Chic Home Decor Pieces

A quick visit to the nearest craft store in your neighborhood will quickly boost your creative self. You’ll see many options that you can use for your project, including stencils for pattern making and spray paints to coat your glass bottles and jars neatly.

If you prefer to use paint, wear gloves while painting in an open space to avoid staining incidents. Once your product is dry, you can now use it as a home ornament. Feel free to put additional designs or cut-outs and use it as a center table piece, dollar jar, and more. Now, who can say that your home decors were once discarded glass containers?

Planters or Flower Vases

Old glass jars and bottles, regardless of their size and shape, can turn into super cute vases or planters. You can decorate them with paint, ropes, vines, or whatever you fancy. Then place some fresh flowers for an uplifting look or collect dried bouquet fillers to achieve a simple rustic style.

Another fantastic thing is that you can use them as planters. You can grow purpleheart, sweet potato vine, ivy, spider plant, coleus, and the likes. Just make sure they get ventilation along with proper nutrition, and they’ll live longer.

Vanity Organizers

Are you aware that old mason jars can be transformed into trendy storage containers? They work great, especially for storing makeup brushes, earbuds, and cotton swabs. You can either use them as they are or tweak their appearances a bit.

If you prefer the latter, then you can paint and rub sandpaper over them. Make sure to go easy on the rubbing and ensure that the paint dries up thoroughly before you do an overlay. Thank us later after you see the result.

Bottles With Fairy Lights

Another way to use a juice or wine bottle is to fill it with LED string lights. This DIY craft is a great party décor to showcase a festive vibe.

To uplift your room’s mood or any particular area in the house, hang a bunch of them around your preferred space. Be sure to do it meticulously as both bottles and LED lights are fragile.

Fruit-Infused Water Bottle

One excellent party hack is to use your old bottles for herb or fruit-infused water. Just slice up some lemons and place a few pieces in the glass container with water.

You can also use chunks of sweet lime, oranges, berries, and even mint leaves, then serve them cold. Doing this will benefit your health as the drink will detoxify and refresh your body. Plus, you will be able to reuse that bottle that looks pretty on your dining table.

Colorful Bottle Chandelier

You can light up your room by recycling your wine bottles. Cut them into halves using a bottle cutter then sand the cutting edge to make it smooth. Note that you will only need the upper half for this wine bottle craft.

You can either use the colored wine bottles as they are or paint them as you desire. If you choose the latter, wait for the glass containers to dry, then attach a pendant light kit.

Candle Holders

Now, what to do with the remaining bottle halves from your chandelier project? Fortunately, you can still recycle them as candle holders! Remember to sand the cut edges first.

Decorate or use them as they are. Then put in some scented candles and light them to give a lovely ambiance to your room. Also, you can add essential oils to make your room smell good once you light them.

Take Away

Instead of merely throwing them away, Make the most of your old bottles and jars by reusing and recycling them. You’ll be surprised by the different things you can do if you’ll free up your imagination and let your creative self do the job.

Did you like the DIY ideas listed above? Which project are you planning to start? We would love to hear your artistic ideas. Place your comment in the box below and check out some more great DIY articles to keep your creative juices flowing!

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