Decoupage Wine Bottle Flower Vase

I absolutely adore anything made by Joanna Gaines. She was the inspiration to paint my entire upstairs (minus the bedrooms) grey. I wound up purchasing the grey sectional from the Magnolia brand because it was the only couch that met my design and function requirements! I wish I could buy everything from Magnolia Farms, but financially that is just not possible. Thankfully, I’ve watched enough Fixer Upper episodes to get some real DIY Inspiration. I headed off to my local Dollar Tree and purchase the supplies to make my own DIY Decoupage Wine Glass Flower Vase.

How to make a DIY Decoupage Wine Bottle Flower Vase

What You Need:

• Wine Bottle ($1 at dollar tree if you don’t drink wine)
• Small Flower arrangement ($1 at dollar tree, & huge selection)
• Mod Podge ($1 at dollar tree)
• Spray Paint (one that indicates use for glass)
• Your choice of designs (I cut flowers out of printed card stock)
Foam Brush
• Newspaper or Scrap paper (to protect surfaces from the mess)

Decoupage Wine Bottle Flower Vase


The first step will be to prepare you wine bottle. I rarely drink, so I was very pleased to find an awesome wine glass at the dollar tree. Mine had a metal attachment that I had to remove first in order to prepare to paint it. Once I did that, I headed outside with the spray paint, bottle, and some scrap paper. You can use newspaper, but we always have paper lying around that has been scribbled on.DIY Decoupage Wine Glass Flower Vase

After I set up a space to paint, I sprayed a thin but even layer over the entire bottle. There was a couple of imperfections in the paint, but that’s okay. Those are areas I could decoupage over or leave to give character. With using spray paint, it only took around 10 minutes to completely dry.

Next, you’ll need to prep your design. This is the overly tedious part. The good thing is, it doesn’t have to be perfect. The imperfections are what make it original. I used little flowers, so I had to cut around all the little groves of the petals and leaves.

Next, apply a decent layer of mod podge to your vase. This will make your design stick, as well as build a layer for texture. Once you have done this, apply your designs to your vase. After you have decided where everything will go, brush a decent layer of mod podge over your design.

Allow mod podge to dry (around 15 minutes until no longer sticky), you can then place your flowers. You may need to trim the stem down to fit accurately in your vase. Now you have a beautiful DIY Decoupage Wine Bottle Flower Vase.

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  1. I actually have lots of wine bottles at home (some are rare finds) but I was thinking of upcycling the regular wine bottles. I am inspired with your DIY and I can’t wait to do my own too this weekend!

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