Do you want to raise money for a charity or movement? Learn about fundraising challenge coins!

Nowadays, charities need to have a gimmick to ensure the success of the event. The most common trick is to have a celebrity who sympathizes with the theme of the event. Some even use TikTok to raise funds for their causes.

If you can’t think of a unique gimmick for your fundraiser, why not use fundraising challenge coins instead? These trinkets can be unique items that the attendees can take home. They’re better than the traditional shirts that most fundraisers in the past gave out.

Unique Ideas To Raise Money With Fundraising Challenge Coins

To ensure that you’re effective in using these coins in your next event, read what we have below. We’ll give amazing ideas on how you can use these challenge coins to raise money.

1. Create a Custom Design for Your Fundraising Event

While planning for the event, the best way to get people to love the challenge coins you’ll present is to plan on their design, too. The beauty of a challenge coin is its customizability. There are many designs made for different organizations, and making your coins unique will help establish an identity for the event.

Create a design that will engage those who will attend the event. You can create a theme to follow, or you can cater to the taste of the attendees. The choice is up to you, as both are effective ways to engage your audience with these coins.

All you need to do is have a unique design on your coin. You can also add some text or quotes from your fundraiser’s mission statement. Doing this will help people remember the cause of the event along the line.

Find out more about custom coins to design the perfect coin for your event. You will learn all you need to know to design your coins by doing so.

2. Set a Stall to Sell Them

Fundraising challenge coins are easy to sell as long as they can catch your eye. Setting the table or stall to sell these coins during your even is an excellent idea to raise money. Ensure you have a nice setup and lighting to showcase the beauty of the coins and their designs.

People will always find something with an excellent design to be attractive. If they see that you’re selling these coins at an affordable price, they will buy one out of pure impulse.

What’s great is that you can have your challenge coins made in bulk for cheap. Doing this makes it easy for you to set a reasonable price to sell each coin. It also helps you ensure that people will buy your coins during the event.

It will be a slow start, but once some people gather in the stall, the coins will sell like pancakes. People always get attracted to the most crowded booth during events. Letting the customers do the marketing for you is as easy as it gets.

3. Offer Them as Prizes for Activities

Charity events will always have ways to keep their guests entertained. You can use these to get people to win challenge coins.

You can have an easy game for your guests to win to get a coin. Giving them something to collect along the way will incentivize them to play the game. Doing this will work better if you design custom challenge coins for each activity you have during your event.

Doing this will compel some of your guests to collect them all. Set a reasonable price on your activities to ensure they can collect all the coins they want. This will also ensure that they’ll give more money for your cause.

To entice them further, you can display the coins as prizes on each stall. With their size, it will be easy to do so.

4. Ship Them as a Package After the Event

This is the best way to show your appreciation to organizations that attended your fundraiser. Sponsors, representatives, and other bodies in your event will appreciate these as a token of your gratitude. Some organizations will even accept this as payment for their presence in the event.

What’s great about this is that you can ship these coins to your sponsors with ease. Challenge coins are small and easy to package, making it easier for you to send coins in a single delivery.

Doing this will help you cut on delivery costs. You can also put them in portable display cases to make it easier to keep them uniform during delivery.

5. Have People Bid for Them

You can also set these challenge coins up for bid to raise money. Even if they have little value, each challenge coins represent something based on their design. You can have one designed to symbolize that the owner is the highest bidder of the event.

Do what you can to get people to bid more on each coin. Investing in a professional auctioneer and stage will help people become engaged in the activity.

6. Set Custom Challenge Coins for Milestones in the Event

The beauty of challenge coins is that there are good stories behind some of them. You can set the challenge coins you’ll give in the event to be like these. An easy way to do this is to set milestones for each coin in your event.

Doing this will inspire the attendees to give it their all to get these coins. Knowing the conditions for each coin also makes it easier for the people to choose the coin they can get. Doing things within their limits is the best way for them to ensure they get a coin.

Doing this is also a great way to encourage people to collect more coins. You can design a coin to be the cherry on top. The milestone can be that they need to get the most coins during the event.

Doing this will spark the competitive spirit in your audience. This will lead to you raising money through competitiveness in your event.

Raise Money With These Fundraising Challenge Coins Today

Looking for a way to help you raise money? Invest in fundraising challenge coins and give as much as you get in your fundraiser!

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