These are unprecedented times. Never before has there been a need for people to wear face masks in public on such a widespread scale.

However, to keep this pandemic at bay, there needs to be precautions. If everyone does their part, then you will be able to take back control of the pandemic.

What Are the Different Types of Masks to Wear to Protect Yourself?

It’s essential to learn as much as you can about the different types of masks and how they can improve your safety and security from the virus.

See below for answers to your question of “what are the different types of masks?”. Be sure to use this information to your advantage moving forward.

1. N95 Masks

It’s not likely that you’ve seen a high amount of N95 masks out in public. These masks are to ensure a higher degree of protection and are usually worn by healthcare personnel that needs immediate protection from being up close with the virus.

While they can certainly provide more protection for you, you should save them for the medical professionals that need them most while tending to the infected. That way, they aren’t at risk of going out of stock.

These masks are custom fit for professionals and are only intended for one use before being disposed of. There’s currently a study being done to see how to clean them for multiple uses effectively, but so far, nothing has been overly successful.

2. Cloth Masks

Contrary to the N95 masks, a majority of the masks that you’ve seen and used are cloth masks. If not cloth, then they’re made of some other soft fabric material.

They’re very resourceful since they can trap in the moisture when you talk, sneeze, cough, or even breathe.

These make more financial sense for families, as they can be purchased and used multiple times. Whenever you come home from a public place, you throw them in the washer to clean them for your next use.

Cloth masks also make the best of a weird situation, thanks to their customizability! You can purchase or create a unique face mask for each member of your family.

You can design your face gear to represent your favorite sports team, purchase fun masks for kids, or make it an arts and crafts project for your entire family.

No matter which way to prefer to design it, all cloth masks have been proven to reduce the risks and spread of COVID-19. Not only are you protecting yourself, but you’re also protecting those around you as well!

3. Surgical Masks

Some of you out there have been going through surgical masks like its nobodies business.

As the name would imply, these masks are primarily used to help medical personnel when performing a procedure. However, many people have used them to wear in public during the pandemic.

That might not be the best use for them. While they certainly help protect your nose and mouth from exposure, they are loose-fitting and are quick to slip up and down when you talk, yawn, and so forth.

Not to mention that if a majority of the public is wearing these, then you’re taking away inventory from medical professionals that are helping the injured and infected.

Also, these might be one of the most detrimental types of face masks for you to invest your money in. Since you can’t reuse a surgical mask, you’ll be going through one each time that you leave your house.

Experts recommend that you only purchase one package of surgical masks at a time and save them for emergency uses. It would help if you still used cloth face masks as your primary.

For example, say you drive to the store and realize that you forgot your cloth face mask in the washer at home. If you have a few surgical masks in your glove compartment, you’ll have safe face gear to use so that you don’t have to drive back.

4. Breathing Valve Face Masks

For those of you unfamiliar, you may have noticed that a few people have facemasks with breathing valves on them. Often people mistake them as training masks.

The purpose of these valves is to make it easier for the person wearing them to breathe outward. However, because they’re breathing out, the germs from their exhales will spread into the environment around them.

Theoretically, if you have contracted COVID-19 and cough while wearing a breathing valve face mask, you could spread it to people near you.

Because of this, a majority of medical facilities and hospitals are banning their usage because of the risk involved. All it takes is one asymptomatic person with a breathing valve mask to come in and undo all their hard work.

For those of you that already have breathing valve face masks, you should consider purchasing a cloth mask instead. This way, you won’t just ensure safety for yourself, but those around you as well.

Remember, the main reason that you’re wearing a mask in public isn’t to protect yourself. It’s to protect those that are around you, such as the elderly that can contract it easier.

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What Are the Different Types of Masks? Stock Up Today

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