5 Tips for Successful Playdates with Autistic Children

Establishing and developing friendships is a vital part of children’s development. A great way to encourage this is to set up playdates with other children. For autistic children, this can sometimes be difficult due to changes in routine, environments, new people, and more. That said, children with autism want to play with others and make friends just as much as their neurotypical peers.

5 Tips for Successful Playdates with Autistic Children

There are steps that parents and caregivers can take to help create successful playdates for their autistic children. Let’s take a look at these great tips below.

Location is Key

When scheduling time with new friends, the best place to start is within your home. Doing this gives your child the security of being in their home surrounded by their belongings. Removing the unknown of new places helps reduce anxiety and new sensory stimuli that can derail the playdate.

Remember to Hydrate

All that running and jumping will run out of some energy but can lead to dehydration if not appropriately monitored. In general, children do not always recognize when they are thirsty. Remind the children to drink water, so they do not forget.

In many areas, tap water can have some unpleasant taste due to minerals and other things in the water. Installing a Brita reverse osmosis filtration system at home is a great way to ensure fresh-tasting filtered water.

Playdates Need Structure

A key thing to consider when planning playdates with autistic children is the need for structure and routine. Planning activities helps steer the playdate positively and provides the structure needed. 

When planning the playdate, try incorporating something physical like swinging or jumping on a trampoline. Afterward, you can engage in a calmer activity like a puzzle or game and end it with a snack. By structuring out the playdate, you resolve your autistic child.

Plan for Snacks

All that active play will equal some hungry children. Proper nutrition helps children balance their energy, level out moods, and improve their minds. That said, it is okay to get creative. Incorporate snacks your autistic child loves, even if they do not go together perfectly. 

Keep Playdates Short

When planning a playdate for autistic children, time is an essential factor to consider. Start by scheduling smaller playdates of 45-60 minutes. As your child gets comfortable with the new friend, you extend the playdates for longer. 

Always consider how your child is doing, no matter what time you have their playdate scheduled.    If they are having a great time, it is okay to let them play a little longer. However, if they are restless, frustrated, or otherwise not enjoying the playdate, it is essential to end it at that time.

Successful Playdates with Autistic Children

By keeping your autistic child’s needs in mind, you can help create a successful playdate for them. Learning social situations with peers in a safe environment will help them develop the skills to build lifelong friendships.

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