No matter where you are in your academic or professional career, it can be hard to figure out where to go next and what your ultimate goal is going to be. Maybe you are looking for a career change or returning to work as a stay-at-home mom after a while.

5 Reasons you should choose a career in accounting

It can be overwhelming when faced with all the different choices, and you might be unsure whether you want to pursue further education. To help you make an informed decision, here are some reasons you should choose a career in accounting.

You can find a place in virtually any industry.

Accounting jobs exist in basically every industry. Every business and organization needs accountants and financial specialists, meaning you can take your pick of whichever industry you feel more drawn to. Like most things, accountancy is moving more and more towards online services and specialized software (check out how to submit a return to HMRC using VAT software to see the kind of software accountants use).

However, they still need people to manage this software and accountancy departments to monitor cash flow and keep that human touch to avoid technical problems. The world will always need accounting, so you will never find yourself in an obsolete profession.

There is a massive variety within the accounting world.

There are various roles to choose from when deciding on a career in accounting. Examples are staff auditor, budget analyst, financial analyst, lead accountant, auditing manager, financial manager, etc. You can start from the bottom and work your way until you manage your accounting team or even your accounting firm if you decide to be your boss. You can also use great software like EZLease, a lease accounting software system that makes your job much easier!

Accounting opens doors

Not only do you have your choice of industry, but accounting can also open doors to alternative careers in business. Accounting experience and qualifications do not just have to be used to get you an accounting role. This means you can make a career change at any point in your life without fear of returning to square one. It can also lead you to start your own business and provide an excellent base for a CEO.

You have high earning potential.

Like any career, you will have an average starting salary, but there is the possibility of earning a considerable amount of money. There is a reason that accountants have a reputation for having high salaries – whatever path you take can end in six figures!

Accounting can be a very fulfilling career.

If you consider accounting, you will probably find the roles that open up to you engaging and exciting. It is also a highly respected career and a great way to utilize your skills in mathematics. You will become an integral part of the company and be invaluable to your superiors in helping keep the company afloat.

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