According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, about 4% of people in the United States live with ADHD. You may find it hard to focus, listen to instructions, remember details, or complete tasks.

Additionally, the lack of awareness means many people with ADHD can’t keep a job, but that does not mean you cannot hold a fulfilling job. 

That’s because you can choose from several careers that capitalize on your unique strengths. This article outlines the best professions for people with ADHD.

Impacts of ADHD on Employment

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health condition causing difficulty sustaining attention, typically affecting children. Individuals with ADHD may face a range of troubles, including:

  • Distractibility 
  • Poor communication skills
  • Time management issues
  • Poor memory
  • Difficulty in completing tasks

While it is primarily diagnosed in children, ADHD is a lifelong disability, affecting about 2.5% of the adult population. While that poses a challenge for workplace performance if you have it, people with ADHD have characteristics that enable them to serve at a specific type of job that requires:

  • High levels of empathy
  • Superb social skills
  • Higher problem-solving abilities
  • Creativity
  • High level of productivity

In short, all you have to do is find a career that complements your skills, talent, and interests to succeed at work.

Factors to Consider for People with ADHD

(i) Your interests: people with ADHD have a hard time concentrating and keeping focus. Finding a job you’re passionate about will give you the motivation and drive to excel in the position.

(ii) Structure of the job: having a workflow structure, routine, and explicit tasks will help people with ADHD manage time and maintain focus. Employees with ADHD flourish in careers with simple and clear instructions.

(iii) Flexibility: if you have ADHD, you will flourish at a workplace offering flexibility and freedom to control schedule or workload, so look for jobs with flexible hours.

(iv) Variety of responsibilities: positions that involve repetitive tasks or sitting in one place all day can be draining for people with ADHD. An ever-changing work environment eliminates boredom. Look for jobs for people with ADHD that allow multiple responsibilities.

(v) Risk-taking: people with ADHD can be assets in creative and innovative industries. These jobs fuse creativity with problem-solving skills. You have impulsivity leading to the willingness to take risks without fear. Find a position that encourages ideas generation and risk-taking.

Best Careers for People with ADHD


Since individuals with ADHD have a high level of empathy, a nurse may be a good fit. These jobs require commitment and passion for helping those in need, so people with ADHD excel in such roles. 

As a nurse, you handle new patients daily, and this may be beneficial in maintaining your interest in the job and engagement. 


Adults with ADHD may enjoy engaging with young learners. These jobs involve moving around, many opportunities for creativity, and a short time on a task. To flourish in teaching, you must be a quick thinker and easily transition from one duty to another.


A career in journalism is thrilling and creative. Journalists cover a wide range of topics, move around, change from one task to another, and interact with various people, making it a good fit for an individual with ADHD.

Small business owners

A small business owner may be a good fit for an adult with ADHD. You have the flexibility to work anytime and complete control over who to hire. What’s more, you get to focus on your passion, be innovative, and use problem-solving skills to overcome challenges.

Software developers

A software developer is an excellent career choice for those who experience hyper-focus. The job involves moving from task to task, which eliminates boredom. 

In addition, dealing with diverse and exciting assignments that require creative thinking keeps the mind of an ADHD individual on track.


Becoming an artist is another way to utilize an ADHD creative mind. A great artist needs to constantly develop new ideas to keep up with the artistic environment.

There is a lack of awareness which means many people with ADHD can’t keep a job, but that does not mean you cannot hold a fulfilling job. That’s because you can choose from several #careers that capitalize on your unique strengths. This article outlines the best professions for people with #ADHD

Tips to Keep a Job for People with ADHD

Along with the proper medication, here are tips to help you keep your job:

Execute a planning system: arrange and manage all tasks you need to do on a given day. Spend your day working from the list to focus on the task at hand.

Practice relaxation techniques: make it a habit to relax since it helps in concentration. Practice deep breathing or meditation. You can also move around after a specific time.

Track time: for hyper-focus ADHD individuals, you may have trouble completing tasks on time by committing too much to the job and losing time. Set alarms and reminders to keep you aware of when to transition to another duty.

Take breaks: maintaining attention and focus for an extended period for people with ADHD can be difficult. Take a break in between tasks to renew your energy.

Inform your boss and co-workers of your diagnosis of ADHD: your boss and co-workers may provide support and assist in developing creative solutions to enable you to work effectively.


ADHD may hamper your ability to focus, but it doesn’t have to stop you from building a successful career. There are many jobs for people with ADHD, such as teachers, nurses, artists, small business owners, journalists, and software developers. 

Consider your interests, job structure, variety of responsibilities, job flexibility, and you will settle on your ideal employment.

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