Are you struggling with some frustrating toddler behaviors? If so, these 5 tips to overcome these moments will help you out!

Toddlers are supposed to be a bundle of joy. But there are times when they complicate your life by frustrating you in every aspect. This is despite the fact that you are already facing frustrations in other areas of life.

Picture this. In the morning, you get frustrated by heavy traffic, then you arrive at your workplace and get another share of frustration, courtesy of your boss. Staying home with your child is supposed to offer some relief. You expect to spend time together, cuddling and playing around with toys and other stuff.

5 Frustrating Toddler Behaviors and How to Overcome Them

 On the contrary, there are just as many stressful times as there are happy moments. This is because your toddler is learning their independence, and they want to explore which oftentimes lands them into some mischief. The problem with toddlers is that they don’t know how to ask for what they want.

For instance, a toddler might resort to crying when they want to catch some sleep or if they don’t want to play with a particular toy that you keep offering. Such an experience can leave you in a dilemma, especially if you are a first-time parent.

There is also a communication breakdown, probably because they are not able to pronounce words clearly or express their emotions. Here is a list of typical toddler behavior and problems and what you can do to tame them.

1. Defiance

 A toddler knows that she is supposed to follow your directions. However, there are times when they choose to be defiant. They look the other way as a sign of letting you know that they want to be left alone. Allowing such behavior can cause other problems in the future as the child will grow up knowing that they can always get away with a case of defiance.

If your toddler is a girl, you might be shocked to find out that they defy your orders but act quickly when their father is around. Such behavior implies that toddler prefers dad instead of mom. Regardless of that, you still have to put your foot on the ground as a parent. You can do this by letting the toddler know that you will deny him some privileges if he doesn’t obey your instructions.

2. Addiction to Gaming

Most toddlers know how to play video games using their parents’ devices. The problem is that sometimes they get carried away by the hobby or develop a digital addiction.

For instance, a toddler may hesitate to take a bath just because they are busy on the phone. Spending too much time behind a screen is dangerous.

You can remedy this problem by denying the child access to your phone. Alternatively, you can lock the screen of the device with a complex password or pattern that they will not be able to crack.

3. Refusing to Eat

Every parent can tell you that toddlers are hard to please, especially when it comes to their choice of food. Some kids are born to be poor eaters. At first, you might think that the food doesn’t taste yummy. But that’s rarely the cause.

When this happens, don’t overreact. Just put their food on the table and make sure they will be able to reach the bowl on their own. Since toddlers are usually playful, they tend to get hungry more often than adults. After some time, you will be surprised to hear them asking for the same food that they refused.

4. Refusing to Sleep

Some toddlers don’t like going to bed early. Such a type wants to hang around and watch whatever their parents are watching on TV. On the other hand, lack of sleep is known to cause negative consequences towards the growth of a toddler. Research shows that their brain and the entire body develops the most when they sleep.

As a parent, you should make an effort to create a bedtime routine for your toddler and stick to it. Just make sure you take them to bed at the same time every night. After some time, their brain will get used to switching to sleep mode automatically when the hour arrives.

Since they will be going to sleep ahead of everyone in the house, you should switch off the lights of their bedroom so they can be free from distraction.

5. Intimidation

You certainly never thought your toddler is capable of intimidating you. This typically happens when you have turned down their request. When you see a toddler making a loud cry without reason, throwing things anyhow, or rolling themselves on the ground, they are merely using the noise to intimidate you.

Don’t allow yourself to fall for their trap. Looking the other way is the best remedy. This makes them understand that their negative actions do not change the situation,

Frustrating Toddler Behaviors

While these frustrating toddler behaviors are no fun for anyone, they will pass in time. For more great parenting tips, make sure to subscribe below.

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