Most parents have no problem buying any new toy for their child. They might look for it online or try and track it down at a brick-and-mortar store location. Sometimes, a company recalls children’s toy because they find out it has dangerous component. Parents must watch for these recalls and take away a child’s toy if they learn it’s potentially hazardous.

5 Children’s Toy Recalls You Should Know

This article will discuss a few infamous children’s toy recalls from the past few years. You should know about these and watch out for these toys, just in case you encounter one that somehow slipped past the recall.

This article will discuss a few infamous children’s toy recalls from the past few years. You should know about these and watch out for these toys, just in case you encounter one that somehow slipped past the recall.

Aqua Dots

The manufacturer recalled 4.2 million Aqua Dots in 2007. They were sold as sets and were arts and crafts items that many kids liked playing with on rainy days when they needed an inside activity.

The set came with beads, and several years ago, the company discovered that the coating on them could turn toxic if a child swallowed one. Since the beads weren’t large, any young child might put one in their mouth and swallow it if a parent didn’t pay close attention.

Some kids who swallowed the beads vomited, while others suffered seizures. Some even became comatose. Rather than recalling the Aqua Dots sets and coming out with a new version that didn’t have the dangerous coating, the manufacturer decided to discontinue this toy altogether. Still, you might run into a set at Goodwill or a similar secondhand store.

Easy Bake Ovens

Easy Bake Ovens have enjoyed popularity for several decades. Most versions allow kids to bake small treats. The ingredients for those desserts come with the oven.

In 2007, the manufacturer decided to pull the latest version off store shelves. They found that many children had small enough hands that they could stick them inside the oven while it was on and burn themselves.

One child has to endure a partial finger amputation because of severe burns. That was more than enough for the toy maker, although you can still find newer Easy Bake Oven versions that supposedly don’t pose the same risks as 2007 one.

Lawn Darts

Darts have a terrible reputation in the toy industry. They’re fun but also dangerous in many instances. Lawn darts, a popular outside game, is no exception.

You get four darts that are about 12 inches long with lawn darts. The set typically comes with two targets as well. You set them up on the ground and try to throw the darts so that they hit the target’s center.

Lawn darts come with sharp metal points, so it’s easy to imagine the possible danger involved, especially with younger kids. That didn’t stop several companies from coming out with them, and different versions remained on the market for many years.

Eventually, the Consumer Product Safety Commission removed all lawn dart versions from stores. Still, you can find them sometimes in attics, basements, secondhand toy stores, and other out-of-the-way places. The CPSC recommends that if you find a set, you should destroy it immediately instead of playing with it or giving it to your kids.

Mattel Toys with Lead

Mattel is one of the most famous American toy companies and has been around for decades. Mattel has produced and marketed hundreds of toys over the years, and most seem fine. The company has also recalled certain ones because of lead they found inside.

The toys with lead usually came from China, and toy cars proved particularly problematic. When the film Cars came out, several promotional toys hit the market simultaneously. Mattel eventually pulled the plug on them, though, since many had trace lead amounts.

The company also recalled several other toys because they were small enough for kids to swallow. These days, smaller toys come with many warnings on the packaging, informing parents they’re not for toddlers.

Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kids Dolls

Cabbage Patch dolls were a sensation in the 1980s. Parents went out of their way to find rare ones and give them to their kids for birthdays or holidays.

In 1997, the Mattel corporation recalled one called the Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kids doll. Some kids caught their hair or fingers in the doll’s mouth.

Like others on this list, you can sometimes find these dolls if you look in secondhand stores. If you encounter one, it’s best not to give it to your child.  

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