Classical Music Month, falling in September each year is the perfect time to celebrate all things classical. From well-known compositions throughout history to modern and contemporary masterpieces, there are many avenues in the world of classical music to explore. As well as being enjoyable to listen to (for many), studies have shown classical music to have a positive physical effect on the human body and mind.

In both adults and children, many studies have shown classical music to help improve concentration when undertaking creative tasks and study and to be used as an effective aid in the treatment of depression and anxiety. Amongst other things, classical music has even been shown to lower blood pressure & improve heart health.

Celebrating Classical Music Month

Celebrating Classical Music Month is a great time to learn more about classical music while exploring what it could do to improve your health. Not sure how to celebrate? Why not get out of your comfort zone and pick up an instrument you haven’t played for a while? Alternatively, dedicate some time to listening to classical musicians you haven’t heard of before. 

For more info on the positive effects that classical music can have on the human body, check out the graphic here.

Classical Music Month falling in September each year is the perfect time to celebrate all things classical Discover these 14 benefits of classical music
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