A family road trip is a perfect way to spend holidays and vacations in the company of relatives, get new experiences, and relax together. You move in a single vehicle, communicate, have fun, and share your impressions. What could be better? 

What You Need to Pack For Road Trips with Children

Indeed, the car provides you with limitless travel opportunities. However, before hitting the road with your child, ensure you have everything at hand to make the trip comfortable. After all, the mood of everyone in the car depends on how comfortable and fun it’s for the child to ride. So, we have prepared a small but informative guide on what to pack for a car trip with children. 

the mood of everyone in the car depends on how comfortable and fun it's for the child to ride. So, we have prepared a small but informative guide on what to pack for a car trip with children. 

Child seat 

Imagine that you are going on an extended family road journey through Colorado and want to book a 12 passenger van rental Denver, CO. The first thing you need to worry about is the child seat. It’s illegal to transport children under 135 cm tall without such a device. Therefore, you can bring your child’s seat or add the appropriate option when booking a vehicle.


Every conscientious driver has a first aid kit in the trunk. However, there should be additional medicines for children. Be sure to stock up on trusted laxatives and medicine for constipation. When children eat unfamiliar food while traveling, their bodies can surprise them with constipation or intestinal upset. 

You should also grab children’s cough syrups, antipyretics, eye drops, and an allergy remedy. Don’t forget mosquito repellent and sunscreen as well. Mosquitoes and sunburn can significantly spoil your travel experience.

Food and drink 

Even if your route is full of roadside cafes and supermarkets, grab some food. The journey awakens the appetite, especially when fresh air blows from the window. So, what to take? The main rule is to avoid unhealthy snacks. Many take waffles and cookies with them. However, this is not a good idea as crumbs will be everywhere in the car. 

Foods and drinks with sugar can cause problems as well. Sweet things increase your child’s activity more than if you drink a cup of double espresso in the morning. Also, no Coke, no matter how hard the child asks you. Don’t give your kid mineral soda, as it can cause colic, hiccups, or flatulence. Fruit, cheese sandwiches, drinking water, juices, and tea are good choices.

The mood of everyone in the car depends on how comfortable fun it's for kids. Check out this informative guide on what to Pack For Road Trips with Children

Hygiene products 

Toilet paper, wet and dry wipes, antiseptics, toothpaste and brushes, soap, and paper towels are among the most necessary hygiene items you should take on a trip. Also, bring large towels if you are going to the beach. It makes no sense to grab a lot of ordinary towels. Wet and dirty, they will lie in the trunk, take up space, and provoke mold. To dry your hands, use paper towels you can throw away later.

Entertainment and toys 

You should take toys on your trip. However, consider the child’s age and what he is interested in. Popular activities include flying a kite, playing ball or blowing bubbles, and watching cartoons. Soap bubbles are a great way to calm a child if he suddenly starts crying. 

Also, don’t forget to grab books – in paper or digital format, it’s up to you. During the trip, books become even more enjoyable. Another way to have fun while riding is to play games that don’t require extra equipment. For example, guessing the color of the next car you see on the road, the License Plate Game, I spy, or punch buggy can be perfect options. 

Children’s potty 

You don’t always have the opportunity to stop at a gas station, cafe, or another place with a toilet. Therefore, bring a plastic potty if traveling with very young children. Don’t forget to buy potty liners. They contain a gel that keeps moisture inside and can be disposed of in the same way as diapers.

Car seat travel tray 

A simple snack in the car can be a challenge for a child. Therefore, we recommend you take the car seat travel tray on your trip. Also, children can use it for drawing or any board games.

Pack For Road Trips with Children

Traveling with children is a unique experience. Firstly, it requires more careful planning, and secondly, more things you need to take with you. However, with the proper preparation, your road trip will significantly benefit you. So, use our list to pack for your journey and prepare for the ultimate family adventure!

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