Parenthood is an incredible experience, albeit a very tough one at times! No one said it was going to be easy, but even the hard times are all worth it. It is amazing to see your children grow and help to prepare them for adulthood, but when they do eventually fly the nest, it can leave you wondering where all that time went and what you should do now. If your kids are preparing to go to college or move out and start their careers, here are a few suggestions to help you stay occupied.

Learn to Enjoy Your Free Time Again

It can feel quiet in the house when the kids leave, and if you spend the majority of your time looking after them at home, you might find yourself with a lot more time on your hands. As strange as this might feel at first, learn to enjoy this freedom. Why not get started on that pile of books you wanted to read but never had the time? Or enjoy a bubble bath without worrying about someone else needing the bathroom.

Cook yourself a delicious meal that you always loved, but maybe your kids weren’t that fond of. You could even redecorate some rooms in the house to make a change. Whatever you choose to do with it, learn to enjoy having more time to yourself.

Consider Relocating

You might have chosen to stay in your current town or city because your kids went to school there, or you needed a property that was big enough to accommodate everyone at once. When your kids move out, this is also an opportunity for you to think about whether or not you would like to move elsewhere.

Whether you want to downsize to a smaller property or you finally want to move to a part of the country that you’ve always dreamed of, this could be the perfect time to do that.

Consider Becoming a Foster Parent

If you’re not quite ready for your home to be kid-free, you can always think about becoming a foster parent. This is a remarkable thing to do, as many children need love and support after dealing with difficulties in their previous homes or other circumstances. It is a big commitment, but if this is something you would love to do, get in touch with Foster Care Associates to find out more about fostering and what it entails.

Go Traveling

Traveling is often associated with people in their 20s or 30s who have chosen to go globe-trotting on a gap year, but there are plenty of people who pursue their traveling dreams at a more mature age once their children have flown the nest.

Again, this is a perfect time to do this as you don’t need to worry about leaving the kids alone at home for weeks or months at a time, as they will all be busy having fun at college or living independently elsewhere. Why not see the world and have an adventure? You deserve it!

What to Do When Your Children Fly the Nest

Time does fly, and it can be almost unbelievable when your kids transform into adults are going out into the world. If you’re unsure what you will do when your kids fly the nest, consider the suggestions above and see if any could be right for you.

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