If you are experiencing a significant toothache, it is essential to understand what causes toothaches in the first place. Keep reading to find out the five main causes

If you’ve ever felt that tell-tale throbbing in your jaw, you know what a toothache feels like.

Have you ever wondered what causes toothaches? Maybe you take great care of your dental hygiene, and yet there’s still that annoying pain. What’s up with that?

What Causes Toothaches – 5 Causes You Need to Know About

Well, toothaches can come from several different sources. Sometimes they come from poor hygiene, but other times they have different causes altogether.

If you want to learn a bit more about several common causes of oral pain, keep reading!

1. Grinding Teeth

Did you know that an estimated 8% of adults grind their teeth at night? Others grind them during the day because of stress. Teeth grinding can cause a lot of tooth and jaw pain and even long-term dental damage.

The best “cure” for teeth grinding is just avoiding damage. Special mouthguards can be custom-made to fit comfortably in the mouth for sleep. This protects the teeth from the damage caused by grinding.

2. Damaged Fillings

So maybe you’ve done work on your teeth already. You’ve had cavities, but you’ve done your due diligence in getting them taken care of and filled. Your jaw still hurts. What causes tooth pain in this situation?

Unfortunately, sometimes fillings can get damaged or fall out of place. There are many ways that this can happen. You must make an appointment with your dentist as soon as you notice that something is amiss, so repair is possible.

3. Tooth Decay

If your teeth aren’t correctly taken care of (or sometimes even if you just have lousy tooth genetics), you can end up with tooth decay.

It happens, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it can cause significant pain and sensitivity.

In advanced cases, you can even get tooth abscesses, which will be even more painful, often requiring emergency care.

You and your dentist will need to decide between a root canal vs extraction. Factors of the decision depend on your specific situation and whether or not the can save the tooth.

4. Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are a super common cause of tooth pain! Impacted wisdom teeth are tricky teeth that have decided to grow in improperly where there just isn’t enough room for them.

This problem can cause inflammation, decay within the tooth, and even damage to surrounding teeth if the tooth is in a bad enough place.

Extraction (surgical or non-surgical) is the only solution.

5. Orthodontic Issues (or Their Fixes)

This one is tricky.

If you have certain types of orthodontic problems, they can cause pain if they’re significant enough. This will require some form of treatment, like braces.

That said, if you or your child already has braces, that pain might still be there. Braces of all types forcefully move teeth. That’s going to cause some tension.

If the braces are recent, try to wait out the pain for a few days. If it’s genuinely unbearable, ask the dentist for further options.

What Causes Toothaches? Lots of Things!

Toothaches aren’t an ailment. They’re a symptom of a problem! Finding that problem is key to getting it fixed. The right dentist can help you find what’s wrong and get you on your way to oral wellness.

If you want to know what causes toothaches in your life, always ask a professional before making assumptions. To learn more, check out our dental health section.

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