Looking for some fun craft ideas for this Valentine's day?  Check out our top 5 picks for DIY Valentine’s Day Projects to Do With Your Kids

What’s not to love about Valentine’s Day? It’s an entire day dedicated to expressing your love for the people who matter the most to you, as well as a great excuse to watch romantic comedies to your heart’s content and enjoy a few more sweet treats than you’d normally allow yourself to indulge in.

For those with kids, the holiday is particularly sweet, as it offers a great excuse to enjoy some bonding time with your little ones as you create Valentine’s Day Art Projects for their friends and classmates. If you’re a parent for whom off-the-shelf valentines just won’t cut it, try these fun crafts on for size instead:

Valentine’s Day Art Projects to Do With Your Kids

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Looking for some fun craft ideas for this Valentine's day?  Check out our top 5 picks for DIY Valentine’s Day Projects to Do With Your Kids

Handprint flowers:

Even if your kid’s allowance won’t cover a bouquet, they can still give their loved ones some beautiful flowers this year with an easy craft you can do together at home. Dip your kids’ hands in red or yellow washable paint and have them make an arc of painted handprints on cardstock or any paper thick enough that the paint won’t soak through. Once the handprints have dried, have them draw green stems and leaves below the handprint “flowers” and write a sweet message to the art’s intended recipients.

Tissue paper hearts:

If your kids are more destructive than constructive, this is the perfect project for them. Cut out a heart from a piece of cardstock or poster board and give your little ones a selection of different-colored tissue paper to choose from. Let them rip up the tissue paper into small pieces and glue the resulting confetti to the heart with craft glue for a cool collage.

Heart chains:

Another great idea for Valentine’s Day Art Projects is creating decorations. Want Valentine’s decoration you can make right at home? Try creating a heart chain with your kids. Simply cut two-inch-wide strips of pink, red, and white construction paper in varying lengths, and fold each strip to create a crease at the paper’s halfway mark.

Then, bring the two ends of the paper toward one another in a rounded heart shape and tape them. Repeat these steps, but interlock hearts of different sizes along the way to create a chain you can hang or drape as an easy means of brightening up any room.

Yarn hearts:

Simple crafts don’t have to be lackluster. Case in point: the classic yarn heart. Simply cut a heart shape out of poster board or cardstock and let your kids wrap them in yarn, securing the yarn periodically with a dot of glue.

When the heart is completely wrapped, make a loop at the top so it can be hung—even if it doesn’t get put out as a Valentine’s Day decoration, it can also make an adorable accessory for a rearview mirror or a cute Christmas tree ornament.

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Paper plate heart wreaths:

Who says paper plates are boring? Cut out the center of a white paper plate and have your kids paint it pink or red, then allow it to dry. Cut out an assortment of heart shapes from red and pink paper or cardstock while you wait for the paint to dry.

When it’s completely dry, have your kids glue the hearts around the plate, creating an adorable wreath that will quickly become a favorite holiday decoration for anyone who receives it. Talk about some super cute
Valentine’s Day Art Projects to do with your kids!

Valentine’s Day Art Projects to Do With Your Kids

Don’t spend another year handing out lackluster pre-printed cards to your friends and family members again. With just a little creativity, some well-chosen supplies, and some quality time together, you and your kids can create some amazing Valentine’s Day art.  

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