Rainy Day Projects With Fun-Filled Learning Potential

Weekends are wonderful when the sun is shining and you can hit the beach. Luckily, we’re going to see more weekends like that from now on. But, even during the hottest months, it isn’t unheard of for some weekends to be a washout. And, when this happens, there’s every chance your kids will drive you crazy. So what are you supposed to do for rainy days projects?

You can hardly blame them. They’re stuck in a classroom all week. The last thing they want is to be trapped in the house all weekend. But, that reasoning won’t help when they tell you’re they’re bored for the fiftieth time. What could help, though, is a rainy day project which you can turn to on days like these.

Something like this would ensure even rain-filled weekends are filled with fun. If you take time over this, you could even pick something with educational benefits. To help you get started, let’s consider some of these Rainy Day Projects With Fun-Filled Learning Potential!

Rainy Day Projects With Fun-Filled Learning Potential

Rainy Day Projects With Fun-Filled Learning Potential

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Rainy Day Projects With Fun-Filled Learning Potential

Rainy days can be a bummer for many children. Sometimes, they will want to go play in the rain. Other days, not so much. Check out these 3 awesome ways to make your next rainy day a blast for your kiddo!

1. Make a blanket:

Making a blanket is always a fantastic idea. It takes a long time, and produces something your kids can take into later life. Whenever they look at that blanket, they’ll remember those weekends spent with you. Who knows; they could even wrap their children in it in the future.

There are a few different options here. You could opt for a patchwork quilt or a knitted blanket. Both of these options provide the chance to teach your children something new. For young kids, knitting may be the best option. It’s a relatively easy craft for young minds to pick up, and this is a much safer past time.

If your children are older, there’s no reason they can’t have fun making a patchwork option using a sewing machine. It may take a while, but projects like these are sure to pay off in the end.

2. Decorate a dolls house

You might also want to embark on decorating a dolls house. Little girls in particular love having dolls houses of their own to play with and perfect. And, there’s no reason you can’t do this with them. A hobby like this can be incredibly fun.

What’s more, you’re sure to teach your kids some important lessons about decorating in the future. It’s likely they’ll put your teachings into play when they move into their houses. While you want this to remain fun, it’s worth encouraging them to take care and focus on straight lines and precision. This will teach patience, and an eye for detail. Both of which are essential.

3. Get into jigsaws

Speaking of patience, you could also give jigsaw puzzles a shot. This option does have the downside of not providing any lasting reward. Some children might find that frustrating.

This project does promise to teach a great deal about concentration. More so, in fact, than most of these other options. Even if you don’t think your children will get along here, it’s worth giving it a try. They may just surprise you.

If you find that the puzzles for your child bring you joy, check out these Fine Art America puzzles for yourself!

There Ya Go!

That was our list of Rainy Day Projects With Fun-Filled Learning Potential. What is your favorite rainy day project? let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Great ideas. We love puzzles, board games, card games, and folding origami! There’s lots to do on rainey day. Thanks for sharing.

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