So what is EFT? Often discussed under the umbrella term “energy psychology” and considered one of the favorites for many teachers out there. Emotional Freedom Tapping is a form of counseling for a wide variety of physical and psychological disorders. Though categorized as a pseudoscience, EFT is still one of the best forms of therapy that can be self-administered.

The Benefits of EFT Tapping With Kids & How to Perform It the Right Way

According to an analysis of EFT Tapping by Healthy but Smart™, a study of 83 healthy people found that EFT sessions showed considerable improvements in the cortisol levels and psychological distress symptoms. Furthermore, another pilot study of 63 students from ages 10-18 years old with anxiety showed reduced symptoms with EFT scoring slightly higher than CBT.

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways EFT can be used with kids to make them perform well.   

EFT Benefits for Kids

However, before we jump into the actual process, let us first realize the benefits of EFT tapping on kids.

1.   Building Trust

Perhaps the first thing EFT tapping develops is to build a bond between you and your child. This is done through the technique when tapping is occurring. However, at the same time, parents are requested to follow through with the method and focus on the problem their kid is facing. Slowly and gradually, they’ll open up to share the emotional stress they are going through or any other stressful incident.

What is happening here is that you are building their trust in you and in the relationship that you share. Offloading negative thoughts and emotions become much more comfortable with a person that you trust. You can blurt out all of your thoughts without even thinking for a second that you would be judged.

2.   Emotion Tapping

Commonly, kids would often not like to talk directly about any form of misery they are going through. As a parent, you need to realize this trait early on; however, at the same time, some kids do speak up. However, it is essential to know that kids can usually show a remarkable improvement once they let their emotions out.

With a quick few sessions, kids can feel despair and hopelessness to optimism and joy. That is why EFT is essential for kids as it can allow them to address the concern and quickly overcome emotions that are hampering their overall thought process and even performance in the real world. 

3.   For Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep is extremely important, especially for kids. It allows them to recharge their energy reserves and be active the next day. Nobody likes to see kids that are drowsy, lethargic, and too tired to move. It is a painful sight that no parent should ever come across.

EFT tapping can help reduce stress and help you to relax, thus ensuring that your mind is at peace when sleep time arrives. Your kids will find EFT tapping quite pleasing as it would allow them to slowly bypass all stressful events and memories or encounters during the day, which would put them at ease. 

4.   Negating Negative Thoughts

A significant part of EFT depends on addressing the concern and accepting the problem without using a defensive mode. This allows kids to find closure with events and things that have caused them distress. If we keep running away from such issues or concerns, then we can never overcome them in our lives, which could lead to lifelong troubles and problems in the later part of our lives.

EFT tapping allows your kids to accept what is bothering them and then find a solution to the problem. Under your guidance and mentorship, you can provide them with viable answers that can help them resolve their troubles.

5.   Specific Event Tapping

At times EFT taping is required by kids not because of a thing or a person that bothers them but due to specific event which can cause them distress. In such a situation, you, as a parent, can provide them with EFT tapping while asking them about the matter behind their recent cause of stress.

Take, for example, a supposed prom queen going through a nervous breakdown as she cannot decide on the dress she wants to wear on a particular day. In such a scenario, EFT tapping can help her calm down and face the reality that no matter which dresses she picks, nothing would stop her from outshining others.   

6.   Tap & Talk Technique

The tap and talk technique is most effective as it can not only bring your kids closure regarding any stressful event they went through their day, but it also allows them to speak about their troubles and blurt out all the negativity that is building up inside of them.

Consider this as a freedom of expression where a child can openly state the problems they are currently facing, and this allows them to feel lighter and much more refreshed at the end of the session. Many students nowadays apply for cheap dissertation writing services while speaking with specializing resources informing them further on their task’s requirements.

How does the Technique Work?

The technique for EFT is relatively simple to understand and apply. Here are some quick steps that you can follow:

  1. First of all, identify the issue or any fear that your child has as it becomes the focal point behind the entire exercise. Emphasizing one problem at a time is most advised.
  2. Follow up by benchmarking the level of intensity of the problem. Ratings are from 0 to 10, with ten being the worst or most difficult.
  3. It would be best to establish a phrase that you and your kid will repeat while tapping is being initiated. This phrase must not only acknowledge the issue but also accept oneself. In this case, your kids must find closure to the problem they are facing.
  4. This is where the EFT tapping sequence begins. There are over 12 major meridians on the body, and the most common of them include the following:
    • Beginning of Collar Bone: inside end of either collar bone and on the part below the throat.
    • Chin Meridian: below lower lip and crease where the chin starts.
    • Eyebrow Meridian: on either eyebrow and near the bridge of the nose.
    • Karate Chop Meridian: the soft side of the hand between the little finger and the wrist.
    • Under the Arm/Armpit: four inches below the armpit and on the rib cage.
    • Top of the Head/Mantel: palm down on the crown with an open resting hand.
    • Under the Eye Meridian: 1 inch below either eye on the bone.
    • Under the Nose Meridian: above the upper lip.
  5. End the session by again recording the intensity of the emotion, stress, or anxiety to record any improvements made through the process.  

How Can Parents Help Their Kids Perform EFT Tapping?

EFT tapping can be a mutual process where parents can ease their kids and help them find relief from their stress by providing them with the reassurance they need to overcome emotional challenges. Hopefully, the tips above and guidelines will help you carry out EFT tapping to a more significant effect. 


EFT tapping, while providing relief from stress and anxiety across people belongs from a wide range of ages, it is still considered an alternative form of healthcare. In many cases, EFT has proven to be fruitful in even offering militants, soldiers, and arm combatants with much-required relief. However, further research is required to bring this treatment in the limelight and familiarize people with such methodologies.

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