Learning how to ride a bike is easy when you know how. It’s just getting there that’s the issue. Getting on a bicycle for the first time can be pretty daunting for a kid, especially if they’re worried about falling off, hurting themselves, and looking silly. 

Riding a bike is so much more than just balancing and moving the pedals. It’s all about confidence, and if your little one lacks self-esteem, then they may struggle to put both feet on the pedal. If it’s been a long time since you first learned how to ride your bike, then you’ve probably forgotten how terrified and unsure you were the first time. 

Helpful tips to teach your kid how to ride a bike.

They may not be heading out onto the roads just yet, but learning the right skills now could help keep them safe and reduce the risk of having an accident. Always make sure they know how to stay safe near roads and speak to this Floral Park personal injury law firm if you or a loved one does have a road accident that could have been avoided. 

So, to give you some guidance, we’ve gathered some helpful tips you can use to teach your kid how to ride a bike. 

Stay off the street

As mentioned above, your child isn’t ready to ride on or near the road just yet. Therefore, even training on the street should be avoided. You want your child to feel safe and comfortable as they get to grips with their bicycle. If cars are driving past at speed or impatient pedestrians walking around them as they wobble, it’s not going to make the experience enjoyable.

Not only that, but your child isn’t in full control of their bicycle yet, which means they could accidentally ride into the road and be hit by a car or ride into someone themselves! 

Learning how to ride a bike is easy when you know how. It's just getting there that's the issue. Teach your child with these 3 easy tips

Make sure their bike is the right size.

There’s no point buying a large bike in the hope that they’ll “grow into it” and it’ll last longer. Or using a second-hand bike that’s too small. If the bike doesn’t fit correctly, they’re not going to reach the pedals, sit comfortably, and control the bicycle properly.

Being able to mount and dismount the bike with ease is an essential part of learning to ride. Make sure they start with a bike that’s just right for them.

Avoid running alongside the bike.

You probably remember your parents holding onto your handlebars and running alongside you as you swayed from side to side. They promised they wouldn’t let go, but they always did. While it’s a touching moment, it’s not an effective way to train.

When you’re holding onto the bike and running, you’re making it more difficult for the child to balance. The best option is to stand beside them. Make sure to be ready to grab the bike or steady them if they start to fall.

Learning how to ride a bike is easy when you know how. It's just getting there that's the issue. Teach your child with these 3 easy tips

Remember, it’s supposed to be fun.

It’s frustrating when our kids struggle to do things. But remember, it’s meant to be fun – for both of you! Never shout or raise your voice and if they want to have a break, let them. 

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