There are lots of reasons why a church is important for adults—it helps us connect with our communities, learn more about ourselves and others, and find support during challenging times—but as someone who’s also raising kids, it can be hard to know whether taking them along is the right call or not. Here are some things to consider before bringing your kids along:

It helps teach kids that they’re part of something bigger.

Taking your children to church is a good opportunity for them to see how their lives fit into the bigger picture. Sure, taking care of yourself and your immediate family is essential, but there’s also a larger world out there—and if we don’t take care of one another as part of that world, nothing will get done. This is why churches exist: so we can come together to learn more about God and serve others in His name.

The importance of faith in your life is something that you probably already know, but if not, here’s a quick recap: faith is one of the most essential things in our lives. It gives us strength and hope, and love. Faith helps us get through hard times and helps us understand God better.

An essential part of faith

Faith isn’t just a grownup thing; it’s also an essential part of growing up for children and teens to learn about faith too! When we teach our children about God, Jesus, and all their other spiritual gifts—like prayer—not only do they get closer to their creator but also have an easier time finding direction in their own lives when things get challenging or confusing.

If you’re worried about taking your child to church because there will be many people there who don’t know them (or worse yet—who may say mean things), don’t worry! There are plenty of great ways to make sure everyone is comfortable with each other from the moment they sit down in Sunday School together until they leave again at noon (or later). You could even start by inviting some friends over beforehand, so everyone feels welcome when they arrive later on Sunday morning 🙂

A place for kids to ask emotional or spiritual questions or to share their struggles.

Kids should be able to ask questions about their faith and the struggles of others. They also need to know where they can get help if they need it. The church is an excellent place for them to learn these important lessons:

  • A safe place for kids to ask emotional or spiritual questions or share their own struggles with others
  • A place where they can learn how to cope with problems
  • A place where they can learn how to get help if they need it

You have a lot of reasons to take your kids to church if you go yourself.

If you’re a parent, chances are you go to church. You’ve probably been going for years, and as your child gets older, they may ask why you go. Here are some ways you can answer them:

  • To learn about faith and religion
  • To be a good person who cares about others
  • To learn how to be a good friend
  • To understand how to be a good citizen in your community (and the world)


The benefits go beyond just Sundays—many people who were raised with regular church attendance continue to attend throughout adulthood because it gives them a sense of community and spiritual grounding in their lives.

You might not know everything there is about your religion as a whole, but if your kids are going to have good relationships with people who share your values, then taking them along will give them an opportunity to see what those values look like in practice! Charis Church is a church in Shawnee, Kansas. To know more, get in touch today.

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