The comfort and safety of your baby are one of the top priorities for every parent. There is a possibility that your child might get fussy if they are not comfortable in their car seat when riding in the car. Whether your baby is outgrowing their car seat or they aren’t adequately fastened in, if they are uncomfortable, the only way for them to communicate is through fussiness and crying. 

How to Keep Your Baby Comfortable in Their Car Seat

Choosing a comfortable car seat like the plush models from Diono is the first step to keeping your baby happy. Let’s take a closer look at a few other ways to keep your baby comfortable in their car seat and your commute peaceful. 

Let's take a closer look at a few other ways to keep your baby comfortable in their car seat and your commute peaceful.

Adjust the Angle

It is generally recommended that your child sits in a car seat, so they are positioned at a ninety-degree angle when seated. However, remember that this doesn’t always mean your baby will be comfortable in this position. Rear-facing seats can be incredibly awkward if they are not slightly tilted back.

You must ensure that your baby’s legs and head are always supported to achieve the correct tilt. Your goal is to avoid them being slouched forward during your drive. It is imperative to tilt them back slightly to make them more comfortable and relaxed. 

Seat Height

If your child’s car seat doesn’t sit high enough, it can profoundly affect their overall level of comfort in the vehicle. If the seat back is too high or too low, your child may not get the support they need to be comfortable. A general rule for fitting your car seat to your child is maintaining at least two to three inches of height beyond the top of the head. For infants, you can use a plush wrap around the head and shoulders for more support. 


Babies are always on the go and love to move their arms and legs in the discovery of the world around them. If your baby doesn’t have enough legroom to stretch, it can cause them to become frustrated and uncomfortable. Ensure that the front seats are positioned to allow for enough legroom for your baby. 

Secure Harnesses

To ensure the safety of your child, you should choose a car seat with a 5-point harness. Getting your infant into a seat securely can take some practice, especially if it’s their first time. For rear-facing car seats and more minor children, placing the harness straps just below the shoulders is essential. It is okay for older children to wear their belts just above their shoulders. 

You will want to ensure your child is securely fastened into their harness without tightening it too much. If your baby is so restrained that they have difficulty moving, it may become fussy. Your harness should be firmly fastened without being so tight that it digs into the flesh. 

How to Keep Your Baby Comfortable in Their Car Seat

The safety and comfort of your child should always be your priority. When choosing a car seat, finding one that will safely contain your child while providing them with a comfortable ride is essential. Follow these tips to help make your child more comfortable in their car seat so the whole family can enjoy the ride. 

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