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Autism Safety Products

There are currently 1 in 59 children are now diagnosed with autism in the United States. A major concern that parents face is that many children with autism can be prone to wander which creates a need for safety products designed for autism wandering prevention. This is the reason why more family are researching live GPS tracker technology.

But what is real time GPS tracking and how can it help parents enhance the personal safety of their autistic children?

What Is A Real Time Personal GPS Tracker?

Real-time personal GPS trackers are devices that can be kept on an autistic child, providing live updates on where that child is for concerned parents. Parents can view the locational information using a child tracker app on their phone and even be alerted if an autistic child wanders away from the house or school campus. Many of these devices are designed as a GPS child tracking pendant, child GPS tracking bracelet, or as small portable devices that the autistic child can keep in their pocket.

The same GPS technology now used for helping autistic kids is also utilized to assist in elderly safety applications.

GPS Tracking Device For Kids With Autism

When most parents begin researching the different forms of autism safety products they inevitably stumble upon the different GPS tracking devices for kids with autism. However, it is important to understand that not all personal safety products are created equal. This is highlighted by the fact child tracking pendants have short battery life, and many kids with autism have sensory issues, making a GPS tracking bracelet, not an option. Therefore, the solutions most called upon by concerned parents are small, pocket-sized real-time autism GPS trackers that can be kept in the autistic child’s backpack or pocket. These devices that are roughly the size of a pack of chewing gum, can provide between 30-40 hours of continuous battery-life, are super light-weight, and offer parents a reliable live GPS tracking solution to assist in keeping their autistic kids safe.

GEO Fencing

Probably the most popular feature of real-time personal GPS trackers, geo-fencing allows parents to create what are essentially virtual boundaries on a digital map. These boundaries can be placed around the home or school campus so the moment an autistic child wanders off the parents can receive an immediate alert via text message and/or email. This single feature gives parents a way to be instantly notified if their child with autism wanders off

Real-time personal GPS trackers

As you can see, there is a real need for these devices and several options to keep in mind. To find out more about real time GPS trackers, head over to Tracking System Direct.

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