Are you looking for tips to get ready in no time? If so, you are in the right place!

Do you remember the carefree times when you were an adolescent who spent hours picking out her outfits and applying makeup? Oh, the good old days!

Today we’re dealing with strict deadlines, jobs, kids, and trying to keep the household from falling apart, and we never seem to have time for ourselves.

Ready, Set, Go! 5 Steps to Be Ready in No Time

Still, just because we lack time, it doesn’t mean that we can’t look good. If you’re one of those supermoms who gets ready while also feeding, cleaning and dressing the kids, you will love some of the tips we’ve prepared for you.

1) Dry shampoo is your friend

Young moms soon learn that the imperative when picking out a hairstyle is how convenient it is. Some ladies choose to cut their hair short or leave it long enough to keep it in a ponytail. If you like your long hair but don’t have time to wash and style it every day, reach for dry shampoo. It will remove excess oil from your scalp and add a bit of volume to your hair.

Blondes and ladies with fair hair are lucky as they can also use good old baby powder and get pretty much the same results, but if you have darker hair and don’t like using dry shampoo as much, you can always make your own and keep it in the bathroom. This one tip alone will have you ready to go in no time!

2) Twist and go – easy hairstyles

Don’t despair if you feel like you’re experiencing something worse than a regular ‘bad hair day’ and wish to walk around with a paper bag over your head, don’t despair. You can always wear your hair in braids or twist it in a cute chignon. You won’t have to style it for at least a couple of days.

Pretty headbands and stylish hats are lifesavers, too. Always have one or the other in your bag or car. If you don’t want to straighten it, you could always wear it in a messy bun or a sleek ponytail that you can secure with bobby pins and plenty of hairsprays.

3) Effortless makeup

You know how difficult it can be to contour your face even when you have time, but with kids to watch over, it becomes virtually impossible to do it right. This is the time to use ‘smart’ makeup and to keep it simple at least for a while – simple B.B. cream instead of foundation and concealer, quality lash extensions instead of curling your lashes and applying mascara every morning, simple eyeliner and bright lipstick and you’re ready to go!

Natural-looking eyelash extensions are one of the perfect ways to save your time and quickly give you a fresh and full lash line. There will be no need to put on coats of mascara to make your eyes appear brighter and more expressive. Before applying for your DIY chic lash extensions at home, make sure you choose the right pair of them so that they sit comfortably on the eyes.

Forget about bronzers, highlighters, and eye shadows for a while; this simple look is elegant and will make you look fresh and glamorous in just a few minutes.

4) Pick an outfit in advance

Standing in front of your wardrobe, thinking about what you should wear while your brain still doesn’t feel like cooperating and making any decisions is a recipe for disaster and, ultimately, late.

You should figure out your outfit the night before and prepare it – leave it on a hanger and iron it before you go to bed, so you don’t have to do it in the morning (use the fact that the little ones are sleeping).

If you can prepare everything, your HOKA running shoes and accessories are included, so even if you’re running late, you won’t have to think about what to wear.

5) Multitask in the shower

Showers are precious – they are that special me-time, even if they only last a few minutes. Women are known for their multitasking skills, so you could put some of those skills to good use and try to do several things while you shower: brush your teeth, shave, and wash your face.

Make sure all your hair supplies, lotions, and makeup are within reach to get ready faster. You can even bring your clothes with you and get dressed after drying yourself.

If you get ready in the bathroom, you will not only save some time, but you’ll save room as well.

Be Ready in No Time at All!

Being a mom is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences in a woman’s life, yet it doesn’t mean that we sometimes don’t daydream about being able to steal some time for ourselves.

Balancing tasks and always being on the go all sound great until you realize that you’ve put on different shoes and mismatched socks.

Rely on these valuable tips to get you through those hasty mornings when it looks like the whole world is against you – you’ll look flawless despite the difficulties.

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