Finding a safe place to store medications can be a huge struggle! When the kids were young, all we had to do was put things up high. Now, they can reach anywhere with just the push of a chair. Keeping our kids safe while having different medications in the home can seem tough, but it completely doable!

Having three autistic children, there are a lot of medications and supplements they take. Though I have their huge stash locked up, I do have my own medications I take as well. I prefer to keep them in my office since that is where I typically am right before bed.

Recently though, I found my four-year-old who had found my pill bottles! Thankfully he didn’t try to open them, but it reminded that even in a place my children don’t normally go there is still a chance of them finding things I don’t want them too!

Too often though, children get a hold of medications that aren’t meant for them. This is extremely dangerous and something all parents want to avoid. Even over the counter medications like ibuprofen and vitamins can be dangerous to small children.

Keeping your kids safe with medications in the home is a most! Check out these great tips for parents!

Medication Safety Tips

There is a lot you can do to keep your kids safe. Here are the top tips for keeping your medications and children safe!

  • Keep Medications Out of Sight & Reach. Use a storage device like the NoSho Hidden Lockbox to keep them out of your children view!
  • Talk to your children about Medication safety. Teach them that they should never take anything on their own and if they find any, don’t touch and get a grown-up.
  • Purchase bottles that have child safety lids to help prevent access.
  • Don’t refer to medication as candy. This can lead to confusion and accidental overdoses because they believe they are just eating candy.
  • Dispose of old medication properly. Don’t keep medication on hand that is no longer needed. Many local pharmacies and police departments have medication disposal services.
  • Make sure to keep medication out of places the kids might go. This includes your purse and backpack, where they might try to explore when you aren’t looking.

NoSho Hidden Lockbox

When it comes to keeping medications out of sight and reach, using a safe is a great option! Though there are many options available, ones with keys can be counterproductive. My kids know where I keep my keys, so I worry that they will just unlock a safe themselves. The NoSho Hidden Lockbox is a great solution to this though! Not only does it work without a key, but it can also sit on top of my desk and no one knows it’s there! This awesome little box hides away inside a standard tissue box.

With a couple of powerful magnets, this box is locked and unlocked with ease. Inside, there is a non-slip map and about 150 cubic inches of storage space. I’m able to store away all my prescriptions as well as my over the counter medications inside it. It is just the right size for several pill bottles, passports, documents, and more!

Child Safety with NoSho

To help with keeping everything safe, each lockbox comes with a magnet to open and a magnet to store the “key”. Using a sticky dot (provided), you can hide the magnet practically anywhere. I hide mine under my desk in an area that is hard to reach for anyone (including myself). While on the go, I typically find a metal service to place it on that is up high. That way the kids can’t get into the lockbox or choke on the magnet.

Hidden in Plain Sight! The NoSho Hidden Lockbox: What I really needed was a safe place for everything that is hidden in plain view..

Where can I use it?

There are so many places that you can use the NoSho Hidden Lockbox. One of my favorite places outside the home is when we travel. Since it is hidden within a tissue box, no one can tell that I have valuable hidden in my car on the way to vacation. Once we get to our destination, I just move our box into the hotel with us.

Other great locations to use this are in RVs, boats, and other on the go homes. There are both metal and plastic options available, so you can find one that works for you. You could even hide it in your tent if need be for a safe place to put your wallet while you sleep!

$10 Code for NoSho Hidden Lockbox

The best thing about the NoSho Hidden Lockbox is its affordable price. The plastic version retails for $29.00 each. With code “NoShoSafe” h, you will get an additional $10 off which drops the price to just $19.99. To find out more, head over to today!

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