It seems to be that time again when so many of my friends are becoming parents.  Many of these gals for the first time. As I have had several rounds being pregnant, I am often asked for advice.  Parenting advice is always in that list, but by the end of the first trimester, I am asked more about pregnancy survival!

When it comes to pregnancy survival tips, there is one main thing I remind moms-to-be.  Take care of you first!  You cannot provide for a child (in or out of you) if you are not taking care of you.  Making sure you are healthy, happy, and minimally stressed is the key to a successful pregnancy!  Below are three tips for pregnancy survival.

Top 3 Pregnancy Survival Tips


When you are sleeping is when your body has a chance to catch up.   Once the baby is here, you will be begging for sleep!  During pregnancy, there are ton of things that will interrupt you sleep.  For me, it was all the pains that kept me from getting a lot of sleep.  The best solution I found to that is to get a pregnancy pillow. There are so many choices out there, I recommend checking out our friends at the Pregnancy Pillow Judge.   They explain so many great benefits of pregnancy pillows as well as comparison guides. That way you can pick out the one that will work best for you!

Drink tons of water!

I have always struggled with drinking water.  I am one of those people who just cannot drink water straight out of the tap.  I learned the hard way with my first pregnancy just how important water is.  I wound up in the hospital several times to get IV fluids because I wasn’t keeping up with my water intake.  I would drink soda more often than water, which actually dehydrate you!  You cannot overdo it on the water, so just keep a cold bottle by you every chance you get.

It’s okay to say NO!

That’s right, it is okay to say no.  As women, we often over commit ourselves.  This is advice that goes well beyond pregnancy.  Even if it is a family member needing you to come over and talk to their parrot, if it is going to stress you out or overextend you, then learn how to say no.  You need to be focused on your own well-being and that includes mental as well as physical.

These are my top three pregnancy survival tips. What is one main piece of advice you would give to a momma-to-be?  Leave your answers in the comments below.

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