Getting ready for Halloween has never been easier than with Amazon Alexa.  "Alexa, Let's Get Scary" enables some amazing Halloween Skills! @

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Halloween is our favorite holiday of the year by far! Besides the fun of dressing up and decorating, we love all the fun get-togethers we host this time of year. Getting in the spooky spirit has never been easier, thanks to the Halloween skills on Alexa. All we have to do is tell Alexa, “Alexa, let’s get scary” to get the spooks going! Keep reading to find out how to interact with your Echo enabled devices.

What are Alexa Skills?

If you haven’t heard of Alexa Skills yet, you are in for a treat! First, made by Amazon, Alexa is an intelligent cloud-based voice service that you can talk to on any of your Alexa enabled devices. These include devices such as the Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot Kids Edition, Echo Auto, the Amazon Alexa App, and more!

To use Alexa on your device, just speak to her like a friend starting with “Alexa,” and then the command. What’s best about Echo devices and Alexa Skills is the fact it makes life easier by being hands-free. With simple voice commands, you can keep doing the things around the house you need to without the need to stop. Skills give you the potential to create a more personalized experience with your Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and other Alexa enabled devices.

Skills are like apps that help you do more with Alexa. These skills help with everything! There are Alexa Skills that will transform the atmosphere in your home, play games, listen to podcasts, learning apps, and so much more!

There are so many different options available when it comes to your Alexa built-in devices. These skills let you hear the news, add to a grocery list, order food, track your fitness, and so much more.

Alexa Halloween Skills

For Halloween, there are several skills that we are simply in love with this year! As we started decorating for our Halloween get-together, we played Spooky Halloween Sounds to help get us in the holiday mood. It was so fun listening to the Halloween Haunted sounds. The organ music was by far my favorite effect. Then we switched over last night to play the Halloween Sounds and Halloween Music skills.

The most fun of all was when I decided to have a little extra fun with our Echo devices. There is this impressive skill called Spooky Scream. My seventeen-year-old loves Halloween, but she is spooked very easy. An easy spook was just one command away, “Alexa, Spooky Scream.” Your Echo device will ask you, “when shall I start?” and you can say “start in ten seconds.” I set ours for ten minutes so that I would have time to plan it out. Let’s just say the result was priceless!

We will definitely be using these skills to play on Halloween night as we pass out candy to the trick or treaters. I know they will love the spooky effects that Alexa Halloween Skills create!

What other Alexa Halloween skills are available?

Alexa Skills are excellent to use year-round, but I am having a little extra fun with the Halloween skills that are available. I love that when I am cooking dinner, the kids can interact with our Echo show while in the kitchen with me. This skill isn’t just for the little ones, either. Both of my teenagers get a kick out of playing skills such as Halloween Feel the Pressure, Haunted House, and Escape Jurassic Island with me.

There’s also another fun game that I like to play with the kids called Ghost Detector. It’s really neat because you can only catch one ghost a day, but it’s a game that builds each day. You can “catch” several different types of spirits, which our family gets a kick out of doing it. Check out the Halloween Alexa & Smart Homesite to find out everything your Alexa built-in device can do!

Using Echo year-round

We have had been using Alexa enabled devices for a couple of years now and are absolutely in love with everything she can do. We currently have four Echo Dots that we use throughout our home. It is great because everyone in the house can enjoy the hands-free benefits of Alexa.

One of my favorite features is the broadcast skill. All Alexa built-in devices can have two-way conversations. Broadcast skills take it up a notch by making it easier to tell everyone dinner is ready or time for bed. Just say “Alexa, broadcast” with your message, and she will announce it to all connected Echo devices. No more shouting across the house to get the kids rounded up!

We recently added an Echo Show to our kitchen and my office. I love that I can follow along with recipes, have a little karaoke with on-screen lyrics of songs, start a video call, and so much more! Not only is it voice-enabled like other Alexa enabled devices, but it also has a touch screen so you can scroll through recipes and more. You can also turn it into a digital photo frame!

Fall in Love with Amazon Alexa this Halloween

Thanks to a variety of spooky skills, you’ll find several to fall in love with! All you have to say is, “Alexa, let’s get scary.” Using Amazon Alexa in your everyday routine is so helpful and a whole lot of fun! So let Alexa help you get into the Halloween mood today!

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