Lets face it doctor appointments can get expensive when you need lab work done What if you could skip the initial visit and go straight to the blood work With Lets Get Checked you control your health care and get the result in just days Check it out now

Though we all know better, when symptoms occur we often take to Dr. Google for answers.  While this may work to get some general information, nothing is proven until a doctor diagnosis you.  Even so, going to a doctor’s office can prove time-consuming.  Appointments are often weeks away and the wait in office is just as brutal.  What if you could skip the wait, get tested, and then talk to your doctors with the results in hand?  With LetsGetChecked, you can do just that!

I recently had the opportunity to check out the at-home testing from LetsGetChecked.  I have always struggled with my kidneys, so I was very curious to see how my kidneys are doing.  Normally, if I want to see what is going on inside my body I have to make an appointment?  Once I get one scheduled, sometimes weeks out, I have to pay for the office visit and then the co-pays for the lab work.  This time around, I was able to skip the wait and test at my convenience.

How does LetsGetChecked Home Testing Work?

Though I tested my kidney health, there are so many more tests available! There are several tests for sexual health, men’s and women’s health, and general wellness.  There is a wide range of tests to cover your health needs.  Each test includes next day delivery and helps you avoid the lengthy wait and additional fees of waiting at the doctor’s office.

Let's face it, doctor appointments can get expensive when you need lab work done.  What if you could skip the initial visit and go straight to the blood work?  With Let's Get Checked, you control your health care and get the result in just days! Check it out now

What is the best way to test?

When you receive your test in the mail, you might be tempted to do it right then and there.  I understand this one completely, but there are few things to keep in mind.  The best time to complete and send your test is Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.  This makes sure that your test will get back to the lab on a weekday to be processed sooner.

Next, you want to make sure you activate your kit.  When you open up your kit, there are instructions to get you started.  Your test kit cannot be submitted to the lab until this is complete.  Once you complete this step, you are ready to get to testing.

Ideally, you should fast before you do your test. By testing in the morning, fasting is much easier.  This way, you will be able to send it off to the lab quickly.

Though I am fine with other people’s blood, I admit I get a little queasy on my own.  For this reason, I was nervous to do my test.  By following the simple, yet thorough instructions, I was able to complete the test with no struggles.   

Biggest Shock with LetsGetChecked

My biggest shock was just how little blood was needed to test.  After years in the doctor’s office with large tubes taken, I was expecting much more.  Though it was more than testing your blood sugar, it was much less than traditional blood work!

After I completed my test, I was able to send it out that same evening via UPS.  The test comes with the proper tools to send in your sample discreetly and safely.  For my results, it took right at five days after sending it in to get my results.  I was able to see my kidneys were functioning great. 

How much does at home testing cost

The most amazing shock of all was the total cost.  In order for me to get the same results with my doctors, I would have had to pay two separate co-pays and the lab costs which would have equaled $200 or more.  One kidney test with LetsGetChecked only costs $99.

The price per test does vary, with many of them being starting at $49.  There are tests for Lyme disease, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, vitamin levels, diabetes, cholesterol, and even fertility tests to name a few.  If you do find something irregular or have more questions you can easily find a doctor where you can get a physical.

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