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When children are playing, they are learning how to interact with other children. They can develop both their social-emotional at the same time as coordination and physical fitness. Being able to master these lifelong skills builds self-confidence that will help them throughout their lives. Learning through the freedom to play changes children’s lives for the positive.

When children are playing they are learning how to interact with other children They can develop both their social emotional at the same time as coordination and physical fitness Being able to master these lifelong skills builds self confidence that will help them throughout their lives Learning through the freedom to play changes children's lives for the positive. #ShapedByPlay #PlayToGrow #ad

Having three autistic children, I have learned that play is the best form of therapy. Playgrounds allow the children to interact with new children and practice their skills. Social interactions can be very difficult, but they still want friends and playmates like any other child. When they are able to just have fun, it is much easier for them to practice social skills.

Whether your child has special needs, physical disabilities, or no issues at all, they all need to opportunity to play freely. There is nothing more exciting for a child to be taken to a playground and turned free to play. Not all playgrounds are created equal though, and that is why I absolutely love Landscape Structures playgrounds. They are built with EVERY child in mind!

Landscape Structure Playgrounds

They are designed to be inclusive to all children, no matter what their abilities or limitations. We have one nearby that we absolutely love called Zachary’s Playground. The first thing we noticed was their incredible design. The larger playground is made to look like a castle. Next to it, there are several smaller playgrounds. One is made to look like a ship, while another looks like a crane with a tire swing hanging from it.

The second thing I noticed though was how the playground is designed. Not only is it wheelchair accessible, but it’s also made so children in wheelchairs can have just as much play and fun.

There is a merry-go-round that is built into the ground that a wheelchair can roll up on it. My younger children love this one because it is so much safer for them. Since they lack coordination and spatial awareness, typical merry-go-rounds can become dangerous for them. So finding playgrounds like these make my day that much easier!

Even if your child doesn’t want to be on the playground, there is still so much to do! Ours has a splash pad that my son just loved! Underneath every playground structure, is like a whole different world. Built into the underneath, there are games in like tic-tac-toe, benches, musical instruments and more. Every inch of the playground offers limitless play and encourages imagination.

“When you do what the child loves the child will love being with you.”

– Dr. Rick Solomon

Play is beneficial for all children, and there is no age limit!

Our sixteen-year-old daughter loves running around with her siblings outside. There is nothing better than the whole family going out and playing hide and seek at the playground. It makes for amazing memories, great laughs, and a whole lot of exercise! Showing your children that you care about their play will help nurture their emotional and physical growth!

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Even if you don’t live close enough to check out Zachary’s Playground, chances are there is a Landscape Structure near you. Check them out and be happy knowing you are setting your child up for success by letting them enjoy the power to play.

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