Is kano worth it Check out this kano computer kit touch review to find out coding kano productreview themomkind
Is kano worth it Check out this kano computer kit touch review to find out coding kano productreview themomkind

Coding is all the rage these days. Many of the top toys are all about programming robots and learning code through board games. While these are awesome, they normally get only a couple months use before finding a dusty corner to waste a way in. Instead of toys that won’t get used, why not have your child build and program their very own computer?! Kano’s Touch Computer Kit gives you everything you need to build a portable, Linux-based computer packed full of coding game, activities, and completely internet ready!

The girls started coding in school back in second grade. Back when I was in second grate, computers were just glorified typewriters. Not knocking typewriters ( I oddly love them) but that’s a drastic difference from coding! It’s crazy to see the technological differences from when I was in second grade to now. Seriously, I had a top of the line computer room filled with these:

But good humor aside, I am so happy that the girls have shown such a huge interest in coding. Being able to code will benefit them through out life. When Kano reach out with the opportunity for Bean to build her own tablet, I was more than happy to try it out! (Disclaimer: We received this Kano Computer Kit free in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are my own)

Building our Kano Computer Touch Kit

You could imagine her excitement about getting this! We got the opportunity to spend some quality time together to build her Kano Computer Touch Kit. As you can see, she loved the whole “make your own tablet” aspect of this! Check out how easy it was for us to build!

Building our Kano Computer Kit Touch

Building it was a ton of fun, and now Bean is having a blast using it! There are a ton of games and apps to use. With more than 100 creative challenges, there is endless hours of learning.

Kano Apps on the Computer Touch Kit

My personal favorite was the “Make Art” app. There, it teaches you to draw through coding. Each lesson builds onto the last until you learn to do it completely on your own.

Another really cool app that is included is called “Make Music.” As you probably already figured out, you use code to make music. It is powered through Sonic Pi.

Her favorite is the “Hack Minecraft” app. Nothing like being able to build her name in the Minecraft world…lol.

7 Practical Tips for Parents Who Want to Teach Their Kids to Code

Kano Parental Controls

Of course, all the “have to have apps” are available to. There Youtube, Whatsapp, Google Drive, and all that good stuff. With the having access to items like that and being geared towards kids, Kano Computer Touch Kit comes with a parental control option.

Under the settings, just go to advanced and select the parental control option. There are different levels of control available, so you can select the right one for you child.


Extra Features of Kano Computer Touch Kit

One thing I was really impressed with right away was the 3 USB ports. One is immediately tied up with sound sensor, but that still leaves 2 foe use. The Kano Computer Touch Kit also comes with a wireless keyboard, the touch screen, and its own built in case/stand.

Kano Computer Touch Kit Review

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We absolutely love our Kano Computer Touch Kit.  Knowing that this isn’t going to be a toy that sits in the corner after a short while is a huge selling point for us!  Click here to order you own Kano Computer Touch Kit.  To Pin this post, check out the image below!

Is kano worth it Check out this kano computer kit touch review to find out coding kano productreview

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