Baby First Christmas: Gift Ideas

Christmas is almost upon us yet again. If your gift list includes a recent addition to the family, baby items are on the menu. Of course, buying for a baby invariably involves practical considerations. With that in mind, here are some great Gift Ideas for Baby First Christmas.

The Nappy Cake- Unique Baby Gift Ideas

This is a novel way to surprise the baby and mother, with a well-designed cake that contains baby essentials. Check out the many designs at, Australia’s leading baby gift online retailer has a wide range of suitable gifts, including nappy cakes for both boys and girls.

For Baby’s First Christmas, “My Bath Time” nappy cake would be a great gift! Crammed full of essential bath time goodies and a set of colorful finger puppets. Guaranteed to hold baby’s attention during bath time!

Gift ideas for Babies 0-3 months

Christmas gifts for babies under 1 year need to be practical. One way to do this is by gifting items the baby needs. Parents are constantly purchasing items such as diapers, lotions and powders. All of these items are things parents need, and may not be able to afford year round. This makes them the perfect gift idea for newborn babies.

Whether you buy a pre-made kit, or put one together yourself, this is a great Christmas gift idea for Baby. In case you want to know which powders are safe for baby, there are informative articles you can find online.

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Baby First Christmas Gift Ideas: Buying Christmas gifts for babies under 1 year is no longer the hassle it once was. Check out these unique baby gift ideas!

Activity Sets

All babies love to explore, and with a special baby activity set, he or she can spend hours playing with a range of soft toys that are available. Animals and various shapes will give the baby hours of amusement and the sets are tastefully packaged for maximum effect.

Activity sets are great for the baby to develop their sense of perception and small motor skills and mum can focus on bath time while baby is engrossed with the many great items.

Personalize Baby First Christmas Books

For Baby First Christmas, gift ideas are more for the parents than the baby. One way to commemorate this big first is with a Personalized Christmas Story. These Christmas stories are personalized to each child’s name and family.

Though it’s a Christmas gift, you can pick out stories that are good for the whole season. There are stories about snowman, baking cookies, and more. Books are a perfect for newborn gift ideas.

Gifts They Can Send Back

Babies go through toys very quickly. As they develop, they need different toys to meet their needs. One way to help this ever changing expense (and clutter) if by gifting the “Toy Library” for Christmas.

When gifting a subscription to the toy library, you start by picking out 2 toys. These are educational and fun toys, listed by age. The items are shipped out with return labels. The child enjoys the gift as long as they want. When they are done, they can send it back in to exchange for different toys. These are great and unique baby gift ideas that will last the whole year through!

Baby First Christmas: Gift Ideas

Buying Christmas gifts for babies under 1 year is no longer the hassle it once was. With the ability to shop online, it makes finding those unique baby gift ideas a breeze! Merry Christmas!

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