As a result of warmer weather and longer days, summer is typically the season when we all spend more time in our gardens. However, if you’ve neglected your garden all year, you might not be too excited about sitting outside. That’s why it’s time to transform your garden this summer.

How to transform your garden this summer 

Whether your yard is overgrown or needs a little lift, this blog has many tips that will have you counting down the days until you can finally relax in your outdoor space. Here are some simple ways you can breathe new life into your garden as summer approaches:

If you’ve neglected your garden all year, you might not be too excited at the prospect of sitting outside in it. That's why it's time to transform your garden this summer.

Plant new trees and flowers

If all your garden has is a patch of grass and some soil, it might look more than a little barren. The best way to fix this problem is by planting new trees, shrubs, bushes, and flowers. Think carefully about the aesthetic you want to cultivate and determine how much space you have in your garden.

Crabapple trees from The Tree Center are a great option and will bring your outdoor space to life if you love trees with blossoms in the spring. Alternatively, consider buying evergreen trees to line the perimeter of your garden, as these will provide year-round privacy and can replace a fence.

Tidy up the overgrown areas.

When you don’t touch your garden for a long time, it will most likely do its own thing and keep growing and growing. Unfortunately, this won’t give your yard the lush appearance you’ve hoped for.

Overgrown gardens need taming, so arm yourself with some shears and a shovel and get to work. You’ll need to pull up any weeds and cut back any hedges and bushes that have started to take over.

Invest in garden furniture.

Buying the right furniture will make your garden from a patch of grass to a sophisticated dining area. Buy quality pieces that can be used for years, as these will be much more comfortable than cheaper alternatives.

The very least your garden needs are some chairs and a table, but you may also want to buy a comfortable, cushioned seating area or a swing seat. Consider how often you’ll use your garden and the number of guests likely to visit.

Add some lighting

During the warmer months, you may want to sit in the garden long into the evening, making lighting essential. Rather than leaving the backdoor open and relying on light from the kitchen, install some solar garden lights or buy some battery-powered lanterns to create an atmosphere at night.

You could also consider investing in safety lights if you expect children to run around in the dark. These will help prevent trips and falls while deterring burglars once you sleep.

For a more permanent option, you can have professionals such as these Irving, TX electricians install beautiful outdoor lighting.

Transform your garden this summer 

Make the most of your garden this summer by trying some of the steps above and inviting friends for an outdoor dining experience to remember.

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