While most parents enjoy reading fun Bible stories to their children, you can’t simply stop there. It is best to instill respect for God and His authority in their early stages of life. The journey for instilling respect for God is not for the fainthearted.

Most kids are distractive and fidgety and can bring some embarrassment to their parents. That’s why most churches separate the worship places for young people from those for adults. But as the Bible says, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

How To TeachYour Children To Worship While At Home?

As parents, you don’t choose but to introduce a spiritual marker for them during the early stages. You can buy hand-crafted bible study materials for kids, among other things, to help bring them closer to God. Sometimes it is a struggle, but how will you manage to instill this spiritual wisdom in your child? Here are some of these practical ways.

Introduce The Kids to Songs

Kids love joyous songs and any other part of the singing that makes them happy. Therefore, it is best to help the youngsters with simple religious songs by repeating them until they are ready to sing independently.

Don’t tell the kids to shut up when other adults are singing, even when they can’t follow the actual lyrics to a song. You should instead encourage them and correct them where necessary. You can also buy toy music instruments for them at home.

In this modern era, advanced technology makes it even easier. For example, online videos are customized with the kids setting. These videos contain Bible songs that vary from one melody to another.

Kids will love to hum to these online video songs and dance to the tune. So normalize giving children such platforms and guide them through.

Introduce The Children to Praying

Engaging the kids in prayers is a very vital thing. As a family, hold prayer meetings during supper, before sleeping, during short morning prayers, and in the morning when you wake up. You could also guide the young to say a short prayer before every meal.

Remind them each time they seem to forget and, most importantly, be a role model to them. You could also teach them about the declaration of forgiveness. You may use simpler terms so they can understand why we need to beg for forgiveness from God.

You can also let them participate in a prayer group. Most of their prayers may be funny, or the toddler may not utter many words. Please don’t laugh at them because it may discourage the kid from participating again.

Also, normalize going with them to church. At times let them join the other kids in their worship space. But sometimes, they should experience the true heart of worship with the adults. Guide them through these times by showing them the right thing to do or say.

An example is during the silent prayer of confession. You may slowly whisper to your child to tell Jesus something or seek forgiveness for something they might have done during the week. The unfiltered prayers of children can help people to pray more thoughtfully. See this link to learn more https://ministryspark.com/creative-ideas-teaching-kids-prayer/.

Guide Them in Listening

Training minors to listen and be attentive during the sermon is devastating. That is because kids can be impatient and distracted by minor details. You can practice training them by holding Bible study as a family at home.

Use the simple language the kid would understand when interpreting the sermon. Don’t ignore their presence and only read to the adults. It will make them feel left out. They will concentrate on other things that will distract the entire family gathering.

Buying suitable Bibles with decorative pictures and stories is also advisable. That way, they will volunteer to take part in the study. Also, teach them how to memorize simple Bible verses and let them repeat them. They will have more curiosity about learning other Bible verses too.

Introducing Them to Giving Offerings

One unique thing about youngsters is their curiosity. They tend to follow everything the adults do. So that could be one of the most effective ways to teach the child about God and spiritual teachings.

For example, you can introduce them to giving offerings in church. Show them how bad it is not to tithe or use the offering for other activities. You can use phrases like, “those who don’t give offering will go to Satan and burn for eternity.” Of course, it will create fear in them, but they will now know how essential giving the tithe or offering is.

As a parent, you could buy charts, coloring books, and read books about Christianity in simple languages they can easily understand. Then, create time for your family to read the Bible with them. You may also help the toddlers by coloring the decorative books with pictures of Jesus and other Bible stories. It will help the child grasp something about Christianity.

Be A Role Model

It’s amazing how they develop and grow to emulate our behaviors. If you are a parent that lives a Christian life, your child will like to be exactly like you.

However, parents and older siblings must be cautious about how we live our lives and what we say in the presence of minors.

It would be best to guide the kid while following the same path you teach them. Learn to be part of their spiritual growth. Click here to learn more.


As a parent, seeing your child engaging in church activities is joyous. However, this doesn’t come easily. You have to lay a strong foundation for them right from the start. That way, they are more likely to stick to it even in adulthood. Think through various ways to keep your child within the spiritual development, and you will see them grow in the most profound faith. Train them to worship the Lord and participate in religious activities. Let them also participate in prayer gatherings at home and even give them a chance to lead in some songs, bible verses, or prayers.

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