If you’ve never experienced domestic violence before, and you suddenly experience a domestic violence incident, it can change your life. Maybe you felt you loved this person, and you feel like this incident came out of nowhere. You might also think afterward when you look back, that other incidents led up to this.

How to Reclaim Your Life After a Domestic Violence Incident

Domestic violence often involves aggression within close relationships, so you may feel sad, angry, and betrayed when it happens. You may feel unsure how to keep going from this point.

Let’s talk about some of your options right now.

Learn what to do if you experience domestic violence for the first time Get a restraining order seek counseling and consider temporarily staying with family or friends

You Can Get a Restraining Order

You might first get a restraining order against the person who harmed you. You may think it was an isolated incident if the individual says they’ll never do it again, but more times than not, once this pattern starts, it continues.

If the first incident didn’t injure you too seriously, the next one might. Many times, these things escalate. You can tell a judge what happened, and if they believe you, you can get a restraining order, so this perpetrator must keep their distance.

You might continue living in the same residence as before, but they must move out. Hopefully, they will do that without too much of a fuss.  

Police Protection

If you feel that once the person no longer lives with you, they might return, you can request police protection. The cops can drive by your house periodically to ensure the person who hurt you doesn’t return.

If you own one, you might also keep a weapon with you while you’re at home, like a bat, a knife, or even a gun. You may also carry a weapon with you outside the house if that’s legal in your state and you feel it’s necessary.

Learn what to do if you experience domestic violence for the first time Get a restraining order seek counseling and consider temporarily staying with family or friends

Spend Time Living with Family Members or Friends

In the days after you get the restraining order, you may live with some family members or a close friend. You might think that the person who hurt you might come back to your residence, and you’d prefer not to live there till things cool down.

If you have a sibling or a lifelong friend you trust, you can live with them for a few weeks or longer. In time, the person who hurt you will hopefully move on with their life.

You Can Seek Counseling

You might also seek counseling if you feel angry, afraid, or other strong emotions. You may find that talking about what happened helps you. It is not a perfect solution, but if you can talk through your feelings, you can usually process them better.

You might also look into attending meetings where those who experienced domestic violence can congregate. There, you can commiserate and share your stories.

You might find a community that can help you heal. You can take some significant steps forward that way. In time, you should get over your horrific experience to some extent.

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