Are you looking for ways to make extra income as a single mom? Keep reading for 8 great tips!

If you’re a single mom, you have a lot of responsibilities competing for your attention. And when money gets tight, you might not have time for a second boss or another item on your to-do list. So what can you do to earn extra cash with all these restrictions?

There are a ton of things to pursue if you want to earn additional income. Some of these ideas mesh with having a little one in tow. The others work well if you have older, more independent kiddos.

How to Make Extra Income as a Single Mom

Regardless of your situation, making more money for your family is essential. Check out these nine great tips to make extra income as a single mom.

1. Drive for UberEats or Postmates

Driving for one of these companies ranks as a top mom side-hustle, as you can set the hours that fit your schedule.

For parents, it also reigns supreme over serving as a standard Uber driver. Why?

While permitting anyone else in the vehicle besides your passenger can get you deactivated from Uber, these platforms allow you to bring a companion with you. That means if you can’t find a babysitter, you can take your little one with you for the ride.

2. Pawn Old Items

Did your kiddo beg you for a PlayStation a few years ago, and now it sits on your TV stand gathering dust? If so, why not let it bring you additional income by pawning it? Many people flock to such shops to buy goods on the cheap.

Contact your local venue and ask which items are in highest demand. Then, scour your home for things you no longer need.

3. Rent Your Spare Room on Airbnb

Do you have a spare bedroom or a guest casita sitting empty? You can rent it out on Airbnb and sit back and watch the money accumulate.

Are you concerned about your safety? The app allows you to securely message with guests and set house rules that enable you to cancel if your guest breaks them. They also provide $1,000,000 in property damage protection, so if an unruly tenant breaks your TV, you have coverage.

4. Start an After School Program

What do you do with your children after the school bell rings? Have you considered that you can make extra income as a single mom by starting an afterschool program for them and their friends? You can find state-specific resources to help you get started.

Some areas provide grants so that you can buy the lesson materials and supplies that you need, mainly if a high need exists. You get to keep your child with you and enhance their education while earning extra cash.

8 years old child watching tv laying down on a sofa at home alone


While you’re not going to get rich quick, survey sites are a great way to make money as a single mom. There are many great sites to choose from such as Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost, and Nelson Research. Each survey is between five and twenty minutes long, with payouts between $0.50 – $20 per post.

6. Sell Wares Online

A great way to bond with your little one is by cleaning and decluttering any clothes or toys that they may not use anymore. Instead of throwing them away, you can list them for sale on sites like eBay, Amazon, or Sheepbuy. Though be careful as some sites charge some hefty prices. Its recommended to try out marketplaces that have little to no fees.

Talking about fees, Sheepbuy is an online marketplace where you can sell for free or at a low monthly cost. Sheepbuy is an upcoming online marketplace where you can sell anything and everything, from your old used clothes to your son’s gaming console. You’ll find a buyer for each and everything.

Now, are you a crafty mama? Why not dream up some creative designs for crafts you can make with your little ones and sell them on Etsy? Doing arts and crafts with your little ones helps you to bond, and it provides a means of self-soothing on frazzled days.

Plus, you can teach your children the joys of entrepreneurship by letting them manage the money they earn from their wares.

7. Cater Parties

Do you count down the days until your child’s birthday because you know how to throw the best parties for the little ones? Why not transform your passion into extra cash by catering for friends and relatives, too?

If you’re a master of designing adorable birthday cakes, your talent will be in high demand.

8. Become a Party Entertainer

Perhaps you’re no Martha Stewart in the kitchen, but you have a natural talent for making people laugh. Why not advertise your services as a party entertainer?

You don’t need any specialized training or education, and a high school diploma will get you hired. How fun would it be to earn cash for making balloon animals or hosting a magic show?

9. Become a Trainer or Fitness Instructor

You work a full-time job and raise kids independently. You’re supposed to find time for a side-hustle and exercise, too? How many hours do folks think you have in a day, anyway?

Why not combine your love of working out with your need for extra cash by becoming a certified personal trainer or group fitness instructor? You will need to spend a bit on your certification. However, many facilities offer daycare onsite, meaning you won’t need to pay a sitter to teach your Zumba class.

Make Extra Income as a Single Mom

As a busy single mom, you might be strapped for time — but you won’t be strapped for cash with the strategies above. Don’t forget, sometimes, the way to make extra income as a single mom is by saving money. Check out these 41+ Ways to Save Money.

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