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As a stay at home mom, I have done most of my money making via the internet.  Over the last ten years, the main way I paid for Christmas and birthdays was through online survey sites.

It was not enough to supplement an income, but it took care of Christmas and birthday’s of four little ones.  If I kept my focus, it also paid for a monthly date night as well as fun family outings.  So it was definitely worth the effort!

If you type in “survey site” into a search engine, there are endless results.  Some are great, some are completely spam!


So How Do They Work and What Do I Do?


Survey sites have a vast array of ways to earn money.  Most work with major companies, to find out what you the consumer like.  Some sites are only surveys, where others have many more ways to earn money.  Most you can earn between $0.40-$1.50 per survey.  Simply answer the questions honestly, and if you complete the survey, you get paid.  That easy!


So How Do I Get Started?


I suggest signing up for many as possible, especially if you plan on this being any form of income source.  Each site will have different surveys and different opportunities.  So you may only get a few surveys a month from one but make up for that with the others.

All six of these free online survey companies below are legitimate and I personally use.  I have personally received a check, direct deposit, or gift card from all of these.  These include Opinion Outpost, Harris Poll, Swagbucks, InstaGC, MintVine, and Paid ViewPoint.


survey sites that pay

Top Paying Free Survey Sites:

Get Christmas for Free!




Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is pretty awesome.  Their system is set up to reward you with points that you cash out for rewards.  For every 100 points you earn, you can cash out for $10.


Harris Poll

Harris Poll is another great site I highly recommend.  Not only do you earn points for every survey you complete, you also earn for those your sent to that you don’t qualify for.  It’s a win win situation just for participating.




Swagbucks is the one site I have used the longest and stuck by.  They have surveys, but you also earn points for games, watching videos, slideshows, shopping, and more.  They even send out a free code daily for a couple points each. There website is also extremely inviting.




This one is very similar to Swagbucks.  They offer the same style of earning opportunities.  This is great because even if you’ve done a similar survey on Swagbucks, it doesn’t affect your eligibility on InstaGC.  The one major factor that they off that is different from every other site is their speed.  When you are ready to cash out, its instant (Instant Gift Card).  They have a multitude of cash out options like Paypal, Amazon, and more.  Another great aspect of Instagc is there videos. You get paid to watch commercials in your spare time.



Mintvine is a great little site.  They do have a daily poll worth 5 points and some shopping options, but there focus is surveys.  That being said, the surveys are great and the site is super easy to navigate!


Paid ViewPoint

This is a survey only site.  This is normally a max of one survey a day, but it is well worth it.  You will not get rich off this one, but it is a great addition to all the others.




And there’s my list of awesome, legit survey sites.  If you put the effort in, you will earn money.  I normally start off in January each year, saving up all the way until at least Black Friday.  That way, I know the money goes straight to Christmas.  If I earn more than my Christmas goal earlier, I start applying it to birthdays.


Which survey sites are you using?  What do you think are the best ones?  I’d love to hear from you guys below!

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.
Alicia Trautwein is an autism parenting coach living in Missouri. She is the creator behind The Mom Kind, a website dedicated to parenting neurodiverse families.  She is one of the head creators behind the #WeLoeveMoms campaign and is also featured in the "Amazing Moms" coffee table book by Hogan Hilling & Dr. Elise Ho.  She shares her expertise along with her experience in parenting children, both with and without autism.

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