Back pain is one the most common complaints which we all experience; however, severe and regular pain can become challenging to manage and hinder carrying your daily activities. 

Get Rid of Back Pain with Chiropractic Care

It can affect anyone, no matter the age, as back pain is associated with other factors such as injury or medical condition apart from old age.

Read on to understand back pain and how chiropractic care can be helpful.

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What can cause back pain?

There are various reasons because of which you might be experiencing back pain; there are some common causes such as;

  • Strained ligaments
  • Muscles Spasm
  • Muscles tension
  • Damaged disks
  • Injury
  • Fracture
  • Hard fall
  • Lifted something improperly
  • Lifted heavy weighted object
  • Made abrupt movements

The factors as mentioned above are common causes of back pain; however, there are other structural reasons as well;

Structural cause of back pain

Ruptured disk – the back pain occurs when there is excessive pressure on the nerve due to a ruptured disk.

A bulging disk – just like a ruptured disk, can also put a lot of pressure on your nerves.

Sciatica – this pain travels from butts to your legs due to bulging or herniated disk. 

Arthritis – this condition can weaken your joints in the hips, back, and other parts, thus causing back pain

Abnormal spinal structure – if spine structures are unusually like bends or curves to the side, it can cause chronic back pain.

Medical causes of Back pain

There are some medical reasons as well which can lead to back pain, such as;

  • Cauda Equina syndrome
  • Spine cancer
  • Spine infection
  • Bladder infection
  • Kidney infection
  • Pelvic inflammatory infection
  • Sleep disorders
  • Shingles 

Risk factors that can cause back pain

Various factors can increase your risk of developing back pain;

  • Occupational activity
  • Pregnancy
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Oldage
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Genetic reasons
  • Medical conditions
  • Exercise if not done properly

Symptoms associated with back pain

When you experience back pain, you can also feel the pain in your legs. Depending upon the nerves, you can experience pain in other body parts.

If the following symptoms follow the back pain, it’s time to see a doctor

  • Loss of weight
  • Fever
  • Inflammation
  • Back has swelled
  • Legs pain
  • Knee pain
  • Difficulty in urination
  • Numbness in lower body parts such as butts
Back Pain can affect anyone no matter the age as back pain is associated with other factors such as injury or medical condition apart from old age Learn how to get rid of back pain with chiropractic care here

Why should you see a chiropractor for back pain?

Chiropractic care helps diagnose and treat health issues affecting nerves, muscles, bones, and joints. There are various ways by which treatment is planned by your practitioner, where they ask several questions about previous injuries, daily activities, and health history that will help in finding the root cause of your pain. 

Here are a few things your chiropractor will ask;

  • Any past illness 
  • Any current issues
  • Any medication you are on
  • What kind of lifestyle do you follow
  • What kind of diet do you consume
  • Sleeping habits
  • Exercise exposure
  • Any mental strains
  • Do you regularly consume alcohol, drugs and tobacco?


Usually, the process starts with you lying on the table, which is specially designed for easing up the spinal manipulation technique. These manipulations are done by hand and involve adjusting your spine alignment and making it straight. 

Depending on the severity, they may also work on customized treatments, such as massage and working on other soft tissues. 

Chiropractic care for back pain

Choosing a chiropractor for back pain has proven its effectiveness in such cases;

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  • Subacute back pain which is present for less than 3 months
  • Chronic or long term back pain
  • Neck pain


Chiropractic care has shown effectiveness for various kinds of mild to chronic pain such as the neck, back, or migraine. They make thorough examinations so that the pain is eradicated from its roots. 

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