Your wedding is a special day, and the invitations are essential to planning. Properly addressing your wedding invitations ensures that each guest feels valued and respected, making it more likely that they will attend your special day. This article will provide a comprehensive guide for addressing wedding invitations in various situations, helping you create a memorable experience for your guests.

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Invitations Maker

You’ll need a reliable and creative wedding invitation maker to create the perfect wedding invitation. There are two main options to choose from:

Learn the art of addressing wedding invitations with this comprehensive guide. Create custom wedding invites with online makers or opt for traditional providers

Online wedding invitations makers

With the advancement of technology, online wedding invitations maker have become increasingly popular. These platforms allow you to easily create custom wedding invitations, offering various designs, fonts, and colors. Some reputable online wedding invitation makers include Basic Invite, Minted, and Zazzle.

Traditional wedding invitations providers

Traditional wedding invitation providers may be better for those who prefer a more personal touch. These providers offer professional assistance in designing and printing wedding invitations, ensuring high-quality results. Research and compare local providers to find the best fit for your wedding theme and budget.

Save the Date Magnets: When and How to Use Them

Importance of saving the date magnets

Save the date magnets are an excellent way to ensure your guests have ample notice of your wedding date. These small, magnetic reminders are sent out before the formal wedding invitations, giving your guests time to make travel arrangements and clear their schedules.

How to customize save the date magnets

To make your save-the-date magnets truly unique, consider customizing them with your preferred design and colors. Platforms like Basic Invite offer a wide selection of customizable save-the-date magnets, allowing you to create a memorable keepsake for your guests.

Addressing Wedding Invitations for Different Situations

Addressing invitations for single guests

When addressing wedding invitations for single guests, they must use their full name and proper title (e.g., Mr., Ms., or Dr.). If you’re unsure of the guest’s preferred title, it’s best to err on the side of caution and use a neutral option like “Mx.”

Addressing invitations for couples

For couples, address the invitation using both partners’ full names and titles. If the couple shares a last name, you can use “Mr. and Mrs.” or “Mx. and Mx.” followed by their last name. List each partner’s full name and title on a separate line if they have different last names.

Addressing invitations for families

For families, it’s important to include the names of all invited family members on the envelope. For parents, use their appropriate titles and full names. If the children are under 18, include their first names on the same line as the parents. For adult children living at the same address, send a separate invitation to them individually or as a couple.

Tips for Writing and Formatting Your Wedding Invitations

  • Choose a legible font that reflects the style of your wedding
  • Use consistent formatting throughout the invitation, including font size, spacing, and alignment
  • Be clear and concise with your wording, providing essential information such as date, time, and location
  • Include RSVP details and any additional information your guests may need, such as dress code or accommodation options

Etiquette for Sending Out Wedding Invitations

  • Send your save-the-date magnets at least six months before the wedding.
  • Mail formal wedding invitations approximately six to eight weeks before the event
  • Provide an RSVP deadline, typically three to four weeks before the wedding.
  • Always include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for RSVP cards


Properly addressing and sending out wedding invitations is essential to the wedding planning process. By using the right wedding invitation maker, creating unique save-the-date magnets, and following the etiquette tips in this guide, you can ensure your guests feel valued and excited to attend your special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best way to track RSVPs for my wedding?
    Utilize a spreadsheet or wedding planning app to track RSVPs as they come in, making it easier to manage your guest list and follow up with any guests who haven’t responded by the deadline.
  2. Should I include a plus-one for all my single guests?
    This decision is ultimately up to you and may depend on your budget and venue capacity. If you allow plus-ones, include “and guest” on the invitation to indicate that a plus-one is invited.
  3. What if a guest doesn’t respond by the RSVP deadline?
    It’s perfectly acceptable to follow up with a friendly reminder via phone call, text message, or email, asking if they plan to attend and requesting their RSVP.
  4. How do I handle guests with dietary restrictions?
    Include a space on your RSVP card for guests to indicate any dietary restrictions or allergies. Communicate this information to your caterer to ensure appropriate meal options are available.
  5. Is it necessary to include return postage on RSVP cards?
    Yes, it’s proper etiquette to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for RSVP cards, making it easier for your guests to respond promptly.

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