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How Much Does a Nanny Cam Cost on Average?

Most parents want to keep their children safe from harm. Sadly, nearly 80% of child maltreatment cases involve someone they know. It’s hard to monitor your child 24/7 as a busy mom or dad, but the chances you can do that might be possible with a nanny cam.

How much does a nanny cam cost? Will it benefit you? If you’re still on the fence about whether to get a nanny cam or not because of prices, this quick guide can help you make a choice.

How Much Does a Nanny Cam Cost?

Parents want to ensure their child is free from harm in the hands of other caregivers, so most will look into getting a camera to monitor everything. There are dozens of nanny cams sold online, so it can be overwhelming to decide which you should buy.

As with most technological purchases, the price for a nanny camera varies greatly, and you can expect to pay as little as $30 as much as $500.

Prices are often based on features, and the more it has, the more it will cost.

Features to Consider

The best way to determine which nanny cam is for you is to look for features that you want. For example, you may want to have one with HD quality or own a camera that is wireless or self-recording.

Some cameras are small in size and easy to hide compared to bulkier versions. Others are likely to spot. Advanced nanny cams come with sound and motion detection.

If you plan on doing hours of recording, you should get one that contains a large amount of storage space or has external hard drive slots to save files.

Another great feature you may want to think about is the overall width it allows you to see. Getting the most out of angles helps you view more of everything without an area being cut out.

High-End Nanny Cams

High-end nanny cameras cost around $75-400. They offer the best stealth options for those who want to make sure the spy camera is hidden.

These cameras are easy to place in inconspicuous areas like tissue boxes and smoke detectors. Getting one at a mid-range price in the “high-end” category is an excellent idea.

Low-End Nanny Cams

Low-end nanny cameras are about $30-70. When you buy a cheaper model, you should keep in mind that only the most basic functions are available. The quality of the footage it provides will likely be blurry. There’s also a good chance it won’t last long until you have to get yourself another.

Protect Your Child With Surveillance

This way, when you have your child being watched by someone else, you can catch something wrong. Parents don’t always use nanny cams to discover something terrible. You could use it to catch and record memories you would’ve otherwise missed. Now, you won’t miss out on a thing.

How much does a nanny cam cost when you want to keep your child safe while you’re away? It all depends on your budget. No matter what you decide in the end, anything that helps you see your child is safe is perfect enough.

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