Having a birthday and in The City of Angels? Then check out these great Birthday Party Ideas when in Los Angeles #partyplanning #la

Birthday Party Ideas when in Los Angeles

You or someone in your brood is having a birthday in a few days. You are in The City of Angels, and you are wondering how to mark this happy occasion. From its multicultural neighborhoods to its amusement parks and studios, Los Angeles offers myriad ways to celebrate a birthday. Wherever your passions and interests may lie, LA has an experience that is just perfect for you.

Children’s Birthday Parties

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to host a kid’s birthday party in Los Angeles, you can head on over to Universal Studios. The birthday boy or girl will get a pin announcing their birthday as soon as they walk in. The staff will then lead the group in singing happy birthday to your child.

What’s awesome is the guest of honor will get little birthday surprises all along the way! There may be a makeshift wand ceremony at Ollivanders Wand Shop. Your child may even find a free birthday cake and ice cream waiting for them at your hotel.

Having a birthday and in The City of Angels? Then check out these great Birthday Party Ideas when in Los Angeles #partyplanning #la

If you prefer a more modest way to revel, you can take the kids to the Griffith Park Observatory. There they can look through telescopes, enjoy a show in the planetarium and have a picnic lunch on the grounds.

A Birthday Filled with Oddities

LA is known for its drug-influenced philosophies, free-spirited behavior, and creative citizenry. There are some wonderfully weird things to do in town. You can begin your day at Venice Beach where you can learn to surf, visit a freak show, and get your palm read.
By the time you do all that, you’ll probably be pretty hungry.

What could hit the spot better than Japanese food served in a restaurant shaped like a doomed luxury liner? Cafe Jacks in Koreatown offers a menu filled with sushi options in a building shaped like the Titanic. The walls are decorated with photos and memorabilia from the big-budget tear-jerker.

Afterward, head over to The Museum of Jurassic Technology. There, you will see some exhibits are real artifacts from various periods in history and some presentations that are made up. It is your job to figure out what is the truth and what is fiction.

A Birthday for Film Buffs

If you are a fan of the movies, you will be overwhelmed with the number of birthday options at your disposal. You may want to determine what is best for you, based on what kind of movies you like.

If you are a fan of action movies, you can go the conventional route and take a tour of Universal Studios. You can also visit the Hall of Special Effects at the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum.

If you prefer the Rom-Com, you can visit the Beverly-Wilshire, where “Pretty Woman” was filmed or go to Grand Park, where Summer and Tom have their last conversation in, “500 Days of Summer.”

If you are a fan of classic films, you can visit the Alto-Nido Apartments on 1851 N. Ivar Avenue, where Joe Gillis banged out his unsuccessful screenplays in, “Sunset Boulevard.”

For those who prefer comedies, you can visit the firehouse where “Ghostbusters” was filmed at 225 E. 5th Street. Be sure to stop by Larry Edmund’s Books, where you can get a copy of your favorite screenplay.

Car Rental Los Angeles

Birthday Party Ideas when in Los Angeles

Whatever you decide to do, you will need a way to get around town. Public transportation is notoriously horrible in LA and cabs, and Ubers take too long. Why not get an exotic car rental in Los Angeles? That way, you can get where you are going on time and in style. There is no better way to spend your birthday than touring one of America’s most glamorous cities in one of the world’s most sophisticated cars.

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