Naturally, creative children tend to do better in their lives both academically as well professionally. On top of that, improving the imaginative faculty in children might sound like a lofty idea, but it’s hardly as demanding as you might think of it. Parents can easily mold their children to think creatively with the implication of the following guidelines.

This article is focused towards the development of your child. We will be discussing some advices and tips that can enhance creativity in your child.

1. Be Creative Yourself

You might have observed that kids stuck usually when they are asked to do multiple tasks. Have you ever thought why this happens? Because you might not be leading them with example.

  • Seeing you engaged in creative tasks will automatically motivate them to follow suit.
  • When you make mistakes in front of them, their fear of committing errors will go down the drain.
 Parents can easily mold their children to think creatively with the implication of the following guidelines. Check out these effective tips to nurture creativity in your child. #parentingtips

2. Ask Questions

“Ask your kids when they come up with their best ideas or have their most creative moments.”

Pam Allyn – Executive Director LitWorld and Author of Your Child’s Writing Life: How to Inspire Confidence, Creativity, and Skill at Every Age

Tossing up random questions to kids is an excellent activity to engage them in creative thinking.

  • The questions could be like “Where do you think the sun goes in the evening?” or “why the color of the sky is blue in the morning?”
  • The questions don’t necessarily have to science or math related. They could be personal too. Like, “your mom looks frustrated, what do you think we can do to help her”?
  • They might not come with the right answer, but it will broaden the horizon of their imagination.

3. Buy Them Creative Toys

Just like you don’t need to create an elaborate play area, you don’t need the latest and greatest toys either.

Charlotte Reznick, Ph.D – Child Educational Specialist.

She herself plays LEGOs with her child clients as toys are a beneficial component to harness creative thinking in kids. You can easily buy such toys from toy shops. I will advise you to check for the age recommendation before buying any toy for your kid.

Mrs. Julia Jackson working in a child mental health research center and course advisor at Crowd Writer says:

“Kids love toys but they hate also. You need to choose toy stuff which must be their age appropriate and engage their curiosity.”

  • Consider puzzles – It is one of the most popular toys used to fertile grounds for creativity in children.
  • Playdough, dressing dolls, and Rubik’s cube are other examples of toys used for the same purpose.

Remember, sometimes these toys get tricky and start to irritate kids. Whenever this happens, assist your child a bit and then leave them on their own.

4. Don’t Dictate Your Kids Too Much

Expose your kids to the world so they can use all of their senses.”

Reznick – Associate clinical professor of Psychology at UCLA and Author of The Power of Your Child’s Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success.

I will advise you not to interfere too much. Give your kids space to be themselves. Some parents impose their decisions on their children and, as a result, they become double minded whether to follow parent’s choices or their own instincts.

If your kid is drawing something that is bad for your liking, let him do that anyway. If he is happily filling all sort of colors in their drawing instead of one, let it be. Or, for that matter, if he is playing guitar, dancing or singing whatever he is doing, let him go with the flow.

“Children have an amazing innate ability to be creative when they play freely on their own, and unfortunately, the act of overparenting dampens or even wipes out that innate ability.”

Mike Lanza author of Playborhood: Turn Your Neighborhood Into a Place for Play

5. Expose Your Child To Physical Games

“Carving out a place where your child can be creative is important.”

Pam Allyn

Physical sports are the best way to provide your child with such an opportunity. It helps to overcome anxiety problem in children. However, they play a vital role to sharpen your mind as well. Kids learn how to play mind games with their opponents. Also, they learn the art to plan and execute different strategies.

Sport is a win-win scenario. If your kids win the game, they become happy and energetic. If they lose, they will analyze where they went wrong and find a way to come hard next time. Either way, your child gains.

6. Compliments Are Important

Kids perform better when they see their efforts being acknowledged. Find a positive aspect out of whatever they do and compliment that.

 “Compliments are another method of rewarding even for a man going to die.”

Mr. Stephen Velvet, a child research analyst from Australian Master.

7. Humor Sharpens The Mind

Good humor goes beyond than just momentary laughter. Keep telling jokes to your children that are not easy enough to pick. Their mind will wander here and there till it fully understands the crux of it. This exercise will make your child proactive.

8. Introduce Imaginative Content

A study has proved that imagination helps kids coping with pain and gaining better results. Allow your child to think and imagine.

The creativity is highly dependent on the quality of imagination. Telling your kids fairytale stories or giving them suchlike books will make their fantasies run sky high. It helps the kid to think beyond limits and gives them a habit of daydreaming which is a much-valued asset. You may ask tools like Academist Help to provide you with such content.

9. Reward Kids

What can be better than getting rewarded for something you actually love to do? Responsibility may rise in pupils when you appreciate them for their efforts. Their concentration towards the studies and work increases because it is not plain heel-dragging anymore, they see value in this now.

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