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Then and Now- Real Advice for Parenting Teenagers


Man does time fly.  It feels like just yesterday our teenager was just a little bitty girl! Ever since she was little, she’s had a heart of gold.  Always there for her sisters and would do anything to make us smile.  Her laugh could fill a room!  She would constantly strive to complete anything she started whether it was dance, soccer, or all those badges at girl scouts.  Along the way, she made sure to be the friend to any child that needed a friend.   The beautiful little girl with the strong will and biggest heart.


Now that she is a teen, the big steps still keep rolling in.  She has learned to advocate for herself at school, something many kids would be too nervous to do.  She went right in and asked for help in math and got it!  Her biggest childhood dream was always to become a cheerleader. So when she was outside practicing all summer long, I just knew she’d make the team!  When she told me about the autistic girl on the cheer team that she took under her wing, I wasn’t surprised at all.  I was just proud because that is who she has always been and always will be. The beautiful young lady with the strong will and biggest heart.

“Love is seeing someone as they deserve to be seen, rather than seeing them based upon behaviors they might be displaying.” Dr. Ken Ginsburg

The Center for Parent and Teen Communication

The Center for Parent and Teen Communication is your new guide on the journey of adolescence. Just when you thought there wasn’t a handbook for parenting teens, you now have a whole library! Amazing advice just like this post ( from the director, Dr. Ginsburg.

Then and Now- Real Advice for Parenting Teenagers

Now it’s your turn!  Share your “then & now” memories along with the video above! Let’s put the positive back in parenting!

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